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End Pakistan's sinister designs

End Pakistan's sinister designs

Author: Sunita Vakil
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: September 7, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/200742/End-Pakistan's-sinister-designs.html

Pretending that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are the main threats to peace, Pakistan is having the last laugh by hoodwinking the US not only to get massive aid but also using the same to wage a proxy war against India. It is, however, disconcerting that the US is still turning a blind eye to the terror sponsored by its ally. Whichever way one looks at Pakistan's clandestine efforts of customising weaponry, it is clear that America is aiding and abetting Pakistan's designs against India.

Notwithstanding the fact that President Barack Obama had promised during his election campaign to review military and civilian aid to Pakistan, it seems he has no intention of honouring his pledge. On the contrary, he has demanded that the US assistance to Islamabad should be delinked from its commitment to fighting terror.

Though Pakistan is known for acquiring weapons surreptitiously rather than producing them indigenously, the US must take this development seriously. Pakistan's stockpiling of atomic weapons beyond the required deterrence also seems to be quite baffling and raises several questions. One naturally wonders whether the focus of such mindless additions of these deadly weapons is solely on India. Apprehensions of a similar nature were voiced by Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor last week saying that if such reports were true, it was cause for grave concern. Incidentally, this statement came close on the heels of an article published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists about Pakistan having 70 to 90 atom bombs.

While Islamabad has not refuted the charges of increasing its nuclear weapons stockpile, it has categorically rejected the accusation that it has reconfigured anti-ship missiles bought from the US, saying that the missiles were indigenously developed. It needs no reiteration that Pakistan, a major recipient of American largesse, has violated US arms export laws.

Now that the US Government has itself complained about Pakistan's deception, we may hope against hope that something positive comes out of it. At the same time, there is an urgent need for the Obama Administration to reconsider whether Pakistan should be a recipient of US aid at all. As for India, the need of the hour is to shed our beseeching attitude towards the US and put pressure on the Obama Administration to stop all aid to Pakistan. The recent development shows that both New Delhi as well as international community will have to ensure that Pakistan's sinister design is defeated at any cost.

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