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Pak aided Iran's nuke quest: A Q Khan

Pak aided Iran's nuke quest: A Q Khan

Author: Nidhi Razdan
Publication: NDTV.com
Date: September 9, 2009
URL: http://www.ndtv.com/news/world/pak_aided_irans_nuke_quest_a_q_khan.php

The father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, A Q Khan, has spoken out. In an interview to a news channel, Khan has said that America looked the other way as Pakistan began it's nuclear programme since Islamabad was helping them in the Afghan war against the Soviet Union.

He also said that this gave them space to test as early as 1984, but General Zia decided against it arguing, "Since the United States had to overlook our nuclear programme due to our support in the Afghan war, it was an opportunity for us to further develop the programme. The tests could be conducted any time later."

Khan also said what has been suspected for years that Pakistan helped Iran's nuclear programme.

Khan also said that Pakistan indeed helped in Iran's nuclear programme.

"Since Iran was an important Muslim country, we wished Iran to acquire this technology. If Iran succeeds in acquiring nuclear technology, we will be a strong bloc in the region to counter international pressure," Khan said.

Khan also said that Sri Lankan Muslims, based in Dubai, were the suppliers of nuclear material and equipment to Pakistan, Iran and Libya.

Khan, who was put under house arrest several years ago by Musharraf, now wants a trial against the former President for a long list of crimes -- from the Lal Masjid operation to the sacking of Supreme Court judges.

The man America still describes as a proliferation risk, also said he was forced into admitting that by the Musharraf regime.

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