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'Pakistan has no more control on its rogue army'

'Pakistan has no more control on its rogue army'

Author: ANI
Publication: Trak.in
Date: November 5, 2009
URL: http://trak.in/news/pakistan-has-no-more-control-on-its-rogue-army/20413/

Pakistan has no more control on its army and the Inter-Services Intelligence officers, who are aiding militants in the country, according to a French investigative magistrate.

Former investigative magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere, who stepped down from that post in 2007, and now serves as the European Union's envoy to Washington on issues related to the financing of terrorism, in a book points that Pakistan has lost control of its rogue military, the Los Angeles Times reports.French officials in Pakistan were the target? of threats and physical intimidation: A way? of dissuading us from returning," Jean-Louis Bruguiere writes in his new book, "What I Could Not Say".

Bruguiere was an investigative magistrate for three decades, a role that combines the duties of prosecutor and judge and allowed him to cultivate high-level contacts from Algiers to Moscow.

The book details French investigations of extremist activity in Pakistan, including a case in which officials went as far as hiding militants from CIA inspection teams at a training camp run by the Pakistani military, the paper reports.

Military handlers then sent the trainees on terrorist missions to the West, Bruguiere asserts.

He said that the United States made strategic errors in dealing with Pakistan, adding that it might be too late to clear the security forces of those who sympathize with the extremists.

Tracing a history of modern-day terrorism, the book describes the nine-year investigation of the 1989 bombing of a flight from Chad to Paris that killed 170 people, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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