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'Peace process a tactic, armed rebellion to follow'

'Peace process a tactic, armed rebellion to follow'

Author: Yubaraj Ghimire
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: November 8, 2009
URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/peace-process-a-tactic-armed-rebellion-to-follow/538660/0

Introduction: Nepal Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai says the state needs to be destroyed, replaced

Participation of the United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists (UCPN-M) in the peace process in Nepal is just a "tactic" and another round of armed clash to capture state power is not far away, Baburam Bhattarai, key ideologue of the movement, said.

"Our party is clear that the state needs to be totally destroyed and replaced by the new state... our party feels that after formulation of the strategy of people's war and general insurrection, we will be able to mobilise people in a mass upsurge and insurrection to abolish this state," he said.

Bhattarai made this revelation to the journal of the World Peoples Resistance Movement (Britain and Ireland)-a sympathiser of the Maoist struggle in Nepal.

"What we have said is that we would align with the bourgeois democratic parties to abolish the monarchy. And after the abolition of the monarchy, then the contention would be between the bourgeois forces and the proletarian forces. A new field of struggle would start. That was clearly stated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the subsequent interim constitution and other documents we passed," he said.

The interview in the journal is likely to bring Maoist sincerity in the ongoing peace process into question. What makes the disclosure sensational-as much as Prachanda's leaked videotape asserting that peace process was only tactical-is Bhattarai's claim that the party is currently waiting for confusion among the bourgeoise political parties in Nepal, and the imperialistic forces to sharpen, so that that it can strike.

He said that the Maoists would continue to fuse military and political tactic to capture state power. "To break with the old mode of production and leap into a new one, you have to break all the relations within the state backed by the army. And that inevitably requires the use of force. This is a law of history and a basic principle of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism which nobody can revise. If you revise or abandon it, then you are no longer a Marxist," he asserted.

"By adhering to this basic principle, we waged armed Protracted People's War (PPW) from 1996 to 2006. But after 2006 we made a certain departure in our tactical line. Some people are confused about this and think we have abandoned PPW forever," he said.

Bhattarai said the party neither surrendred the principle of Protracted Peoples War (PPW) nor the arms it had in possession during the years insurgency. "We had formulated the People's Liberation Army (PLA), we had our base areas, we had a lot of mass support, and all this we have been able to preserve... The PLA is still with us, and the arms we collected during that war are still with us within the single-key system, monitored by the United Nations team, but basically the key is with us and the army is with us and we have never surrendered," he said.

The party, he said, would start the next phase of movement after forming a revolutionary united front of the patriotic, democratic and left forces led by the Communist Party.

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