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Church in India Guilty for Miserable condition of Dalit Christians

Church in India Guilty for Miserable condition of Dalit Christians

Author: P B Lomeo
Publication: Orissadiary.com
Date: November 15, 2009
URL: http://orissadiary.com/Shownews.asp?id=15387

New Delhi: In view of the forthcoming winter session of Parliament several church organizations are planning to held a demonstration at the Jantar Mantar on 19 th November . While agreeing with the broader objectives the Poor Christian Liberation Movement is of the opinion that the Church authorities in India have not done justice to the marginalised Christians.

The "Poor Christian Liberation Movement" PCLM President RL Francis stated that several Dalits have embraced Christianity for better and equal treatment but the despite conversion their conditions have not changed. The Dalit Christians are still victims of discrimination with in the Church.

The PCLM pointed out that Dalits or the socially underprivileged questions the church leadership for demanding special treatment for them they are treated badly Stating that Dalit Christians accounted for nearly 70 percent of India's Christian population, the PCLM, a Christian organization, accused high caste Christians of exploiting them.

The church leadership 'exploit the poverty and unemployment" among the Dalits to convert them to Christianity. The Church bodies are demanding reservation from the Government but in their own institutions are neglecting and ill treating the Christians of Dalit background. Some all India Christian leaders are minting money from abroad in the name of demonstrations etc. "Let the Church in India make 50 % job reservation for Dalit Christians in their institutions and then go to government for relief" said the PCLM President R L Francis in a press statement.

"But despite a wide network of (Christian) missionary schools and colleges, most of Dalit Christians are illiterate and living in utter poverty because the convent schools are busy catering to the educational needs of rich and high caste people", the statement further mentioned.

"Same is the case with job opportunities and entrepreneurship development. Dalit Christians are being denied all these facilities while the church leadership continues to flourish by usurping vast foreign funding and real estate resources," Francis charged.

- P B Lomeo, General Secretary - PCLM & editor Christian Post

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