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Saud, Khalifa in cahoots with Takfiris: Rodney Shakespeare

Publication: Presstv.ir
Date: September 7, 2014
URL: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/06/377884/saud-khalifa-in-cahoots-with-takfiris/

Press TV has conducted an interview with Rodney Shakespeare, Committee Against Torture in Bahrain, from London, to discuss the situation in Bahrain.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: For how long can the Bahraini monarchy continue with its heavy-handed tactics?

Shakespeare: It can continue for just as long as the West backs it. I wish to say of the regime that it’s purely vicious.

You mentioned Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, a democrat on hunger strike who is also seriously ill. When his daughter Maryam goes to visit him because he’s ill, she gets arrested.
But there’s something much more serious than the torture and the killing of hundreds of people in Bahrain. It is this, that the killer Khalifa regime is hand-in-glove with the instigators of the Takfiri and the Islamic State. The Khalifas are hand-in-glove with the Saudis and it is the Saudis who are the finance and the vicious ideologues of the Takfiri - and so are the killer Khalifa.

We have to tell the world that we need to sanction Bahrain. We need to sanction Saudi Arabia. We need to overthrow them. They are scumbags.

So is my own government which created the Takfiri as well.

But the part of the killer Khalifas has to be brought out in public. We demand that the Bahrain regime be overthrown by the British government which has no sense of its long-term interests and is supporting these vicious tyrants.

Press TV: Why is it that the West differentiates between the demands of the people of Bahrain and other Arab countries? What’s behind such double standards?

Shakespeare: Because the West supports the Takfiris. It’s created them. It’s financed them. It’s armed them.

The Takfiris are essentially, I regret to say, an extreme form of Sunni Islam. The killer Khalifas and the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia are extreme Sunni Islam. Therefore, they think that Shia, which is most of their population, are subhuman. That is the problem.
My country is supporting people who are killers. My country is anti-democratic, is supporting people who treat the Shia of the Middle East as not second-rate citizens but as subhuman who can be tortured and killed in the case of Bahrain, and can have their throats slit elsewhere.

This is what it’s about. It’s the failure of any democratic and moral sense in the United Kingdom, and the support of the Takfiri regimes in Saudi Arabia and in Bahrain.
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