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Yazidi girl seized by jihadis reveals sex abuse

Author: Rose Troup Buchanan
Publication: The Times of India
Date: September 11, 2014

A Yazidi girl captured by ISIS has revealed the extreme abuse she suffers as a sex slave at the hands of Islamic State extremists.

Only 17 years old, Mayat (not her real name) was kidnapped by members of ISIS on August 3 during an offensive against Sinjar. She remains with her captors.

These men allowed Mayat, who speaks some English as she wanted to study in Europe, to talk because, “to hurt us even more, they told us to describe in detail to our par ents what they are doing.”

Her parents, refugees in Kurdistan, gave their daughter's number to a journalist from Italian paper La Repubblica. The teenage girl begs her interviewer not to name her because: “I am ashamed of what they have done to me.”

“Part of me would like to die immediately, to sink beneath the ground and stay there. But another part that still hopes to be saved, and to be able to hug my parents once more.”

One of around 40 women and young girls held by the extremists in an unknown city, Mayat estimates their ages as anything from 12 to 30.

“What are they doing to me?” She says, “I am too ashamed to say, and I don’t even know how to describe my torture.” In the interview, Mayat describes how the women and girls are kept in a house under armed guards.

There are, she says, three “rooms of horror” where the women are raped, often by different men and throughout the day. “They treat us like slaves. We are always ‘given’ to different men.

Some arrive straight from Syria,” she says.

ISIS has made huge territorial gains across northern Iraq and parts of Syria, capturing thousands of women and children according to an Amnesty International report last month.

“They threaten us and beat us if we try to resist. Often I wish they would beat me so hard I will die. But they are cowards... None of them have the courage to end our suffering.” Mayat says some of the youngest girls have stopped talking and were taken away by their captors. Many of the women have attempted to end their lives.

“Sometimes I feel as though it will never end. And if it did, my life would remain forever scarred by the torture I have suffered the past few weeks,” Mayat says.

Mayat’s story contradicts claims from ISIS which purport to show life under the Islamic State, highlighting their care of widows and kids.

Mayat finished by saying: “They have already killed my body. They are now killing my soul.”

- The Independent
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