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China fooling citizens about my visit, Dalai Lama says

Author: Prabin Kalita | TNN
Publication: The Times of India
Date: April 9, 2017
URL:   http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/china-fooling-citizens-about-my-visit-dalai-lama-says/articleshow/58088347.cms

The Dalai Lama on Saturday hit out at China, accusing it of fooling its own people by spreading falsehood about his journey to Tawang, which the Communist country claims as its own.

Until now, the 82-year-old Tibetan leader had been mild in his reaction to Beijing's relentless criticism of his visit to this border town situated 47km south of the McMahon Line that separates India and Tibet.

"I wish one Chinese official were here to see what I'm doing and what I'm saying. The Chinese people, who are about 1.4 billion-strong, have every right to know the reality," he said, adding, "Once they know the reality, they will be able to judge... Until now, there has been only onesided, wrong information.

They (the Chinese government) are only fooling their people." He was speaking to the media after a three-hour discourse attended by about 20,000 people from Arunachal Pradesh, other states and neighbouring Bhutan.

On his return to Tibet, the Dalai Lama said, "As soon as China gives the green light, I will to return to Tibet. At the moment, the Chinese government is very negative because of some hardliner officials." "I've long forgiven China's Communist government for occupying Tibet.

But as long as problems in Tibet lie unsolved, Dalai Lama will remain a sensitive issue for China," he said. "Whether the Chinese government admits it or not, there are problems in Tibet. You (China) have to solve these problems for our common interest."

The Dalai Lama said, "There's a middle path approach to it (meaning autonomy for Tibet). China and Tibet have had a close relationship for thousands of years. We support One China policy and we want to be inside the People's Republic of China.

All we want is the right to preserve our culture, language and identity," he said. He added, "The whole world knows that I am not seeking independence of Tibet but China still repeats it."

"In the long run, India, China, Pakistan and even Japan and Afghanistan can form a union. Smaller unions can join bigger unions and can form one family with common interest...

I felt uncomfortable when Britain broke away from the European Union. In a union, there will be no war... the spirit of the European Union should start in Africa so it can end civil war and hunger. A similar union should start in Latin America too."

Meanwhile, Lhundup Chosang, a local RSS member has been campaigning for a Bharat Ratna for the Tibetan leader.
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