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Don’t Need Your Secular Certificate, Yogi’s Debate Dare to Left Historians

Author: Team Khabare
Publication: Khabare.com
Date: May 14, 2017
URL:    http://khabare.com/politics/don-t-need-your-secular-certificate-yogi-s-debate-dare-to-left-historians

Empowered by the massive mandate for BJP in the state, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched an offensive against ideological opponents by calling for a debate on ‘communalism’ and accused the Left-dominated intellectual establishment of distorting history to suit their ends.

“Maharaja Suheldev, who defeated foreign attacker Sayed Salar Masood Ghazi, was forgotten as per a conspiracy. History was distorted for political purposes to divide society and it’s not hidden. The day when correct history comes to the fore, people will identify those who have distorted it,” the Yogi said while addressing a public meeting at Lucknow.

The UP chief minister, frequently accused of ‘communalism’, said those who espouse nationalism and call for respect for values that define the nation are tarred as communal by a set of people, in what marked a big pushback against the Left-liberal hegemony over curricula and campuses. “Let us have a debate over who is secular and communal,” said Yogi, defying those who have slotted him communal because of his unabashed advocacy of Hindutva.

His assertion reflected the resentment among non-Left circles over the superciliousness of the way comrades controlling the campus have pinned communal problem on Hindus, and have stifled dissent by branding as communal those who don’t acquiesce into their agenda of mind control. As against this, they have, in utter disregard of the appeal of Islamism which led to the creation of Pakistan, and has fuelled the growth of separatist consciousness and fundamentalism, indulged Muslim communalism on the ground that this is the consequence of fear psychosis among minorities.

Yogi blamed the malaise on the historians who have pedalled a particular version in which the facts conflicting with the “official narrative” are brushed aside as inaccurate and un-historical.
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