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Frustration with lack of education

Author: Zubina Ahmad
Publication: Zubinaahmadblog.wordpress.com
Date: October 8, 2017
URL:    https://zubinaahmadblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/frustration-with-lack-of-education/amp/

Recently a so called social fake news exposer Pratik Sinha wrote and target me and my family. Surprisingly he has targeted the defence background and showed his zero credibility and knowledge of defence forces and it makes me to reply him. I have no idea why am I replying to the Urban Naxalite who has been a frustrated ever since his father went through same stream and could not even move an inch of what paid for.

Pratik Sinha is son of Mukul Sinha who has been described very well by Sanjiv Bhatt a kicked out IPS. So the Anti Modi sentiments are in blood along with anti defence breed.

Now I am explaining one by one his allegations and hope he will never turn around with his fake and unreliable mouthpiece.

1. He says Air Force was never involved in rescue in Kargil war. So what about Mi 17 were sent to Sri Nagar airbase and how Flt Lt Pundir got martyr. He later claimed that every Air Officer undergo training in Air Force academy Dandigal. So I would like to give him some knowledge that Air Force has many bases and officers training academies who train various departmental cadets.

2. He also claimed about age of my brother and his rank, so In Air Force you could be commissioned at minimum age of 19. And also only Air Force academy do not conduct these trainings.

3. He said my brother was in operation with V K singh in Sudan. I have never tweeted this, and he along with his paid Naxalite faking this story. India has Air Op Base in Sudan and officers go there for a short visit and no matter they stay there for 2 months or 1 year. So I would tell him to increase some words over defence.

4. When I was in Jalandhar AFS few local going attacked my brother. And this Pratik Sinha wrote that he was posted in that Air base.

So according to this man who ever lives in AFA is an officer or Airman. And every Officer is flyer.

Rest, any defence person can judge his man made exposing factory in friction of seconds. I have a lot to feel him like a Dog in search of bones. Pratik Sinha is a paid agent and been exposed many times by various sources. what his father endorced.

His credibility starts with abusing modi with his fake accounts, and ends with the same.

Hope next time he writes anything , write with some sense and education.
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