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15 Times When Giriraj Singh proved that He is the King of Twitter

Author: Mahima Kalra
Publication: Rightlog.in
Date: November 5, 2017
URL:    https://rightlog.in/2017/11/giriraj-singh-twitter-boss-01/

There are about 25 Million Active Twitter users in India. Almost every celebrity is on Twitter. Right from the Ward Pramukh to the Prime Minister himself, almost Every Political Party and politician is on Twitter. Being such a thriving community, Twitter also witnesses funny barbs, sarcastic jibes, heated argument, comment threads, memes and verbal duels almost every day. While it is normal to see regular users poking fun at each other, it is very rare that we see a politician leaving the twitter users in splits and that too with an impressive regularity.

Giriraj Singh is one such politically incorrect politician who uses the micro blogging platform like a Pro. His jibes have been a top favorite of Twitter users in India. The tweets of this wily MP from Nawada, Bihar are a harmonious blend of Humor, Presence of Mind, and deliberate political incorrectness.

Giriraj Singh is a senior BJP member and a minister in the current cabinet. He is the Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. But that doesn’t stop Giriraj Singh from rattling his critics
with his tweet missiles.

Here are the 15 ‘thug-life’ moments when Giriraj Singh completely owned BJP Critics and proved that he is the king of Twitter.

1.) GirirajJi explaining the nuances of India’s Legal Setup to acclaimed Distorian Ramchandra Guha. Guha was finding it difficult to understand why someone in UP will file a case against Kamal Hassan for his Hindu Terror remark.
Because...Because...India is one .
@_pallavighosh https://t.co/lJKQ7QkiB7

Ramachandra @Ram_Guha
Follow Follow @Ram_Guha

The comments were made in Tamil, in a magazine published in Chennai. Why has this case been filed in Uttar Pradesh?


2.) While Giriraj Singh can devour virtually any foe, Sanjay Jha has been his most preferred prey. Which we will see later on. Here’s the first


Giriraj @girirajsinghbjp
ये कहना चाह रहे है कि मोदी से मोदी निकाल डॉ तो 'शहजादा' रह जाता है

10 june 2015


3.)  A Perfect Caption Does Exist😂😂😂

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

Don't talk to the terrorists until the election of Gujrat ends.

नंदिता ठाकूर @nanditathakur caption this

1 Nov 2017

4.) Recursion is strong in this one

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp
Terrorists are finishing , Congress is upset

Congress is finishing , terrorists are upset
Oct 29, 2017

5.) While Rahul Gandhi is a Proper Noun, It can also double up as an Adjective. Giriraj Ji is illustrating the same.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

The biggest difficulty of "Rahul Gandhi" is that, he feels that the people of the country are also "Rahul Gandhi"
Oct 25, 2017

6.) A little Wordplay here and there doesn’t hurt

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

Bots are the secret of Rahul Gandhi’s energy.#RahulWaveInKazakh
Oct 21, 2017

7.) Talk about Trolling the Chief Trolling Officer in India. Giriraj

Singh: 1; Kejriwal: 0

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

कमाल का आदमी है ये तो.
दिल्ली में,दिल्ली की जनता के पैसे पर इतनी मौज तो शायद मुग़लों ने भी नहीं की होगी।

सब मिलके केजरीवाल को प्रणाम कीजिए.

Tajinder Bagga @TajinderBagga

@ArvindKejriwal paid Rs 4 Crore Delhi Public money to Mr Ram jethmalanai in his personal legal case (Sh Jaitly Defmiantion case)


8) Lalu Yadav’s anti-BJP Rally after Nitish Kumar dumped him unceremoniously hogged a lot of media limelight precisely because it was attended by thousands of people. Or Millions. Or Billions. Or Trillions. Giriraj Singh makes it simpler for us.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp
Lalu ji's rally can be seen from space .

Aug 27, 2017

9.) Rahul Gandhi’s Pidi tweet went viral. So here’s Giriraj Ji

piggybacking on it AND hunting his favorite prey all along. Yes Sanjay Jha again.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp
झा जी आपके twitt में  दम नाही रहता...जाइए थोडा #Pidi के साथ बिस्कुट ख के आईये

Sanjay Jha @JhaSanjay

BjP is finishing, everyone is happy.

29 Oct 2017

10.) Very few people can explain Rahul Gandhi in such a precise yet profound way.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

RG को देश की अर्थव्यवस्था से कोई लेना देना नहीं है।इसको सिर्फ़ अपने मौज मस्ती से काम है।ये गुजरात और HP हारने के बाद फिर से विदेश निकल लेगा।


Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

डॉ जेटली, नोटबंदी और GST से अर्थव्यवस्था ICU में है। आप कहते हैं आप किसी से कम नहीं, मगर आपकी दवा में दम नहीं
9:42 PM - 25 Oct 2017

11.) Why would anyone mess with Giriraj Singh in his right senses? But AAP is a party of daredevils and legend killers. Here is a Wannabe legend killer getting slayed by the Twitter Legend.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

sanjay babu..हम हर उस व्यक्ती का मुर्दावाद करते है जो भारत विरोधी हो.. चाहे वो अफजल गुरु हो या कोई और


Sanjay Singh AAP@ SanjayAzadSlnn
क्या आदित्यनाथ, साक्षी महाराज, गिर्राज सिंह विदेश मे है? क्या इन बदडबोले नेताओं में हिम्मत है कि अफजल गुरु कि मुर्दाबाद लगा सके?

27 March 2016

12.) Third Time Sanjay Jha. But we have to give it Jha Ji, he hasn’t blocked Giriraj Ji yet.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

Becozzzz they wanted to see you at 44.. समझे

Sanjay Jha@JhaSanjay

Dear Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad; just one innocuous question, Sir: Why did the USA government deny Mr Modi a visa for several years? Why?

14 Oct 2015


13.) Giriraj Singh ji is a largehearted person. He is clearly acknowledging RaGa’s help in Boosting BJP’s Fortune. RaGa has certainly proved his worth as BJP’s Star Campaigner.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

Any help is great help..nothing can be better that this one..


Rahul Gandhi to hold rallies in Bihar on October 26th, 29th an November 2nd #BiharPolls

20 Oct 2015


14.) Sanjay Jha again and this time poor Jha Ji got trolled even without tweeting.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

आदरणीय @JhaSanjay जी, हम tv से दूर है, क्या आप #Bypolls के रिजल्ट बता सकते है |

21 Nov 2016


15.) This is a silent killer. Giriraj Singh has managed to Define RaGa again with 5 Emoticons.

Giriraj Singh @girirajsinghbjp

New Indian Express @NewIndianXpress  Modi Running the country from Prime Minister Office: Rahul bit...
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