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The saala show at Patna Jn

Author: Kumod Verma
Publication: The Times of India
Date: June 23, 2006
URL:      https://m.timesofindia.com/india/The-saala-show-at-Patna-Jn/amp_articleshow/1674950.cms?__twitter_impression=true

Changing platforms at stations is often tedious. But that's for ordinary passengers. When your brother-in-law is the railway minister, it's the train that ought to change track and come to you.

So when saala saheb Subhash Yadav arrived at Patna Junction and reached platform No 1 — which normally receives incoming trains from the west end (Delhi side) — he was upset that the Delhi-bound Rajdhani wasn't going to leave from there.

He refused to walk to platform No 4, and demanded that the train be brought to platform No 1. Hardly did it matter that during peak evening hours, there is heavy movement of trains (Rajdhani departs at 9.05 pm).

Railway authorities at Danapur knew better than ignoring the diktat, though. After all, as the saying goes: saari khudaai ek taraf, joru ka bhai ek taraf (Wife's brother is more important than the entire universe).

That was on Tuesday. Next day, Lalu's younger saala Sadhu Yadav — also an MP — took the cue from Subhash's show of strength. He had to board the Patna-New Delhi Sampoorna Kranti Express at Patna Junction.

This train, too, was to arrive at platform No 4. Sadhu interfered, telling railway officials to bring it to platform No 1.

It was too late by then. Railway officials pleaded that the cabin man had already set the signal slot and exchanged the private number for receiving the train at platform No 4. A sulking Sadhu walked up to platform No 4 after throwing a tantrum...

An ECR official confirmed this. "The railways do change plans to receive a train or a special train at platform No 1 in Patna to facilitate VVIP travel due to security reasons.

But there has to be prior intimation to the Danapur control room for such an arrangement," he said. And neither Subhash nor Sadhu come in the category of such VVIPs.

Sources say Lalu's brother Prabhunath Singh also created a scene on Patna-bound Rajdhani Express on Wednesday. Though Singh denies it, he is said to have got rough with pantry car staff for their failure to provide him food of his choice.
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