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Thread by @mahesh10816: "I Visited the house of a senior BJP Karyakarta in Salem, She is well educated, well informed and very articulate too. I was appalled to see […]"

Author: Madhav @mahesh10816
Publication: Thread Reader App.com
Date: June 22, 2018
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I Visited the house of a senior BJP Karyakarta in Salem, She is well educated , well informed and very articulate too. I was appalled to see the picture of Mother Teresa displayed in a prominent location in her house. I asked her, Why do you keep her picture in your house ?

She said " Mother Teresa has done so much for the poor , i admire her and she is my role model , so i have kept her picture ". This initiated the much needed conversation between us and in the end of the conversation she removed the picture and requested me to dispose it

Would like to highlight key aspects of the conversation in this thread. As i narrated her real story four more people joined the audience , what was a 20 minute meeting turned out into a 90 minute speech. My views on Mother Teresa in the following tweets. I call a spade a spade

1. If Mother Teresa had remained in Albania as Agnes Bojaxhiu no one would have heard of her, thanks to Calcutta- the supposedly wretched place to which she brought succor. She became without a doubt the most admired woman in the world

2. Whatever Mother Teresa did for Calcutta fades into insignificance compared to what Calcutta did for Mother Teresa. Indian elite shamelessly eulogized this foreign woman and raised her to great heights, while at the same time condemning one of their great cities ...

3. .. as the most wretched place on earth . Calcutta was no longer a city of C.V.Raman or Rabindranath Tagore- Both real Nobel lauretes not peace laureates like Mother Teresa, Kissinger & Yasser Arafat. Indian intellectuals willingly swallowed this humiliation heaped on Calcutta

4.Calcutta was portrayed as a place where only saints could live in such hideous place, Calcutta was portrayed as a Charnel house.The cult of Christian Mother Teresa was fed by the contempt for Hindu India. Hindus were portrayed as ones who were unable to take care of their own

5. The Westernised Indian elite, we call as Lutyens club today felt , whatever humiliation she brought on the country was small in comparison with the good she did for the poor of Calcutta who had no where to go. Lets make doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani today from the records

6. To understand the Teresa Myth , we should read books written by Non- Indians , Indian Presstitutes have wantonly avoided reporting the abuses taking place in her institutions right under their noses. fortunately several western writers have written honestly about Teresa

7. Two books that merit notice are "The missionary Position " by Christopher Hitchens , and "Mother Teresa : Beyond the Image" by Anne Sebba. Request you all to read these two books if you can get yours hands on it.

8. When we examine the truth what we find is that there is little beyond the image except fund raising in the name of helping the poor. The conditions within the institutions run by Missionaries of Charity were wretched to say the least.

9. In her home for the dying , no medication or pain killers were allowed , even to terminally ill patients. Even her child care centers were cheerless, the children had no toys or playgrounds. they were told only to pray. Her hospitals were in a highly unhygenic state

10. The above said are not my views but that of Dr.Robin Cox, editor of the prestigious British publications "Lancet". - the foremost medical journal in the world. Mary Loudon another English investigator found patients sleeping on the floor as many as 60 in a room.

11. Even rudimentary health procedures were not being followed,. Loudon saw unsterlized needles being used and reused after being simply washed in cold water. also patients in need of simple surgery were allowed to die instead of being sent to other hospitals in Calcutta.

12. It was not just patients that were treated under such appalling conditions, even health workers could not escape infections. Anne Sebba has pointed out that serveral of the nurses caught tuberculosis and possibly AIDS. Only remedy offered to the patients was PRAYER.

13. This PRAYER has greatly contributed to the image of Mother Teresa as a woman driven by faith and love for Jesus. It contributed even more to her bank balance , for prayer costs nothing. But she did not display the same reserve- not to say piety- during her own illness.

14. She was always careful to get treated at the best hospitals in the world like the Massachusetts General in Boston. When she was unable to travel, as during her final illness, she was treated by specialists at the prestigious R.K.Birla Heart Research Centre in Calcutta .

15. Irony is R.K.Birla Heart Reasearch Centre is a Hindu Charitable Institution. So neither money nor Christian faith was allowed to come in the way when her own health was involved. But for the poor it is different. PRAYER is good for them. hallelujah

I am famished today, hungry after Prasadam i will continue with the methods employed by Mother Teresa .

Kindly suggest should i continue in the same thread or in another fresh thread ?

16. According to Mother Teresa it is the spiritual well being of the poor that mattered the most, this means that the poor have to endure deprivation, extreme but preventable pain, & even unnecessary death in return for the prescription of prayer for their spiritual well being.

17. This seemingly Nobel posture allowed the Mother to starve her institutions of badly needed resources while simultaneously projecting herself to the world as a saviour of the poor of Calcutta. From the appaling condition of her institutions one might think Missionaries ...

18. Missionaries of charity as a poverty stricken institution, but nothing could be far from the truth. It is one of the richest Catholic institutions in the world. In just one current account in a bank in Bronx (New York ) it had a deposit of $50 million. Jesus Loves You

19.But employees of Missionaries of Charity were instructed to pretend that they have no money & keep on soliciting funds using desperate appeals. It spent more time & resources soliciting money than caring for the poor. Mother Teresa spent more time with the rich & powerful

20. Mother Teresa found that it is particularly easy to wheedle money out of criminals who have not worked for their money , amongst her special favourites were Chandraswamy- arms broker , Charles Keating who spent a ten year prison sentence in California & Robert Maxwell

21..... Who committed suicide when Scotland Yard got close to him, both had swindled hundreds of millions of dollars from their depositors & investors. What was in it for such scoundrels that they should have contributed millions to her charity ?

22. The case of Charles Keating sheds light on her methods & her ethics. Paul W. Turley, the California deputy district attorney who prosecuted Keating stated that Keating stole more than $900 million, many individuals lost their life savings. Most of them were poor.

23. Keating gave Mother Teresa more than a million dollars when this case was being tried. Mother Teresa wrote to the trial judge Lance Ito asking him to show clemency towards Keating because " he has always been kind & generous to God's poor" , in addition , she appealed ..

24... to the judge to " look into his heart and do what Jesus would have done in that circumstance " learning of this appeal the judge wrote back " I submit the same challenge to you. Ask yourself what Jesus would have done if he were given the fruits of crime ; ... money that ..

25. ..had been stolen .. I submit that Jesus would promptly return the money to its rightful owners...Do not keep that money. Return it to the rightful owners" . But mother Teresa ignored his appeal & kept the stolen money.

26. Story dosent end here , she helped produce political propaganda films for the notorious dictator Duvalier of Haiti & his wife Michele who stole billions of dollars from their improvised country before running away to Spain. Mother Teresa not only accepted millions from him ..

27. But also honours & decorations from that bloody dictator who was guilty of mass executions. What is it about Christian missionaries- from mother Teresa to Pat Robertson- that draws to such thieves & mass murderers as Duvalier & Mobutu ?

28. From all its obvious that there was another morally opaque side to Mother Teresa, It is also clear why she chose Calcutta over any other place in the world for her works .First it had large number of poor people to be used as capital in building up her multinational business

29. ..empire known as Missionaries of Charity. Second it had docile rules & subservient elite rulers, journalists & intellectuals that never raised their eyebrow against the appaling conditions in her institutions or her unscrupulous methods.

30. To put Mother Teresa in historical perspective: she was one in the long line of European adventurers of humble origins - from Robert Clive in the eighteenth century to Sonia Maino & Ottaivio Quattorochi in our own time - who found fame & fortune in India way beyond what they.

31. Could dream of in their own country. As far as the poor are concerned, Mother Teresa's successor sister Nirmala put it in perspective: " the poor are God's gift to us. Without the poor we would all be without jobs"

32 Thanks to poor Calcutta, Mother Teresa has been raised to sainthood,but the poor of Calcutta who were responsible for that historic elevation will remain the poor of Calcutta. And Calcutta forever be known as the wretched place where the Saint walked, worked & raised millions

33. All in the name of the God's poor. Aamen !

34. The funeral of Mother Teresa presented an unusual spectacle. The leaders of the secular republic of India stood waiting as the Vatican conducted a two hour Catholic Mass. While the representatives of other religions got barely 5 minutes to present their tributes.

35. For all practical purpose Nethaji indoor stadium was turned into a Vatican Annexe at the Indian tax payers expense. It was a funeral fit for kings. It was not the poor of Calcutta who attended the funeral but the rich & the mighty. The poor were no longer needed.

36. Thank you all for sparing your prescious time to read this long thread .

Hare Krishna

I am humbled at the response to this thread , over 3000 RTs for the entire thread, Thanks for your support and encouragement
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