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LSE grad Karan Bhasin shows a mirror to the ‘research scholar’ Shehla Rashid

Author: Animesh Pandey
Publication: Rightlog.in
Date: October 22, 2018
URL:    https://rightlog.in/2018/10/karan-bhasin-shehla-rashid-01/amp/?fbclid=IwAR1BHc_FJAwHCKgNIPP4Q5jAbs_vSbxS9Sen7fnTL_hpl2HiQhdPOCfAo2A&__twitter_impression=true

Controversial JNU student leader and fellow batchmate of ex JNUSU President Kanhaiyya Kumar, Shehla Rashid Shora needs no formal introduction. She is a classic practitioner of the irritating ‘shoot and scoot politics’, where leaders throw allegations on others and run away when they are questioned about the veracity of their claims.

From supporting seditionist movements that call for ‘Breaking India into pieces’, to backing Urban Naxals, to mocking the Hindu religion as well as their customs, there is no crime that Shehla Rashid hasn’t committed in her attempt to look cool and portray herself as a champion of freedom of speech  and expression.

However, her latest attempt to demonize the current NDA government backfired and took a royal beating, when Karan Bhasin a alumnus of the prestigious London School of Economics through their external programme, took on her bullying head on and outsmarted her claims and attacks with each reply, forcing the so called JNU scholar to ultimately concede defeat and back out from the conversation.

It all started with another of her rants on the NRC implemented by the Assam government:

This was the tweet, to which a surprised Karan Bhasin replied, asking if she even knew how to define a ‘concentration camp’, and rightly so:

Stung by his comeback, Shehla Rashid tried to paint him in the same league as she would do to rest of her opponents:

However, Karan Bhasin was no pushover. He gave a calm, composed, yet brutally effective reply:

Dismissing her allegations, Karan Bhasin stressed for proofs to her argument. He wasn’t in the mood to take any of her nonsensical arguments, as evident in his Twitter reply. However, who could stop Shehla Rashid from peddling her enlightened sermons?:
But this time, it seems that Shehla Rashid Shora had messed really wrong, and with the wrong opponent. Karan Bhasin coolly refuted her allegations and asked if she had any substantial proof to back her absurd claims:

Seeing herself losing out on an ideological front, an aghast Shehla Rashid tweeted again, employing the textbook technique of schoolroom bullying, something only the left liberals can shamelessly employ:

Karan Bhasin, on the other hand, cared a straw about Shehla’s rants as he gave another effective reply to her rants:

What followed next was plain goal shifting, which is a classic trait with the ‘shoot and scoot politicians or activists, including Shehla Rashid. But Karan Bhasin was far from giving up, and he didn’t budge an inch as he exposed the regressive intolerance these so called liberals practice:

Ultimately, it was Shehla Rashid, who conceded defeat on the argument. An attempt to drag him under the Me Too banner royally failed as Karan was prepared with his evidence as well. The following tweet, followed by a botched attempt to explain her failed stance  while labeling Karan as ‘an upper caste Hindu male stalker’ evoked only laughter throughout Twitter, nothing else:

For his indomitable stance against Shehla Rashid, Karan Bhasin was praised not only on Twitter, but also outside it. His research work, especially on the bold process of demonetization, is a work appreciated by even the best in the field.

All in all, we salute the likes of Karan Bhasin, who literally took Shehla Rashid Shora to the cleaners without losing their calm in any kind. The exchange between the two clearly shows the quality of research scholars JNU is producing, and how clueless they seem when they’re met with tough rhetoric and irrefutable facts. We only wonder whether Shehla Rashid would be able to recover from this onslaught in time or not.
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