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‘You brought shame to the Catholic Church’ Christian hecklers shout at Sister Anupama

Publication: Indian Expose.com
Date: October 26, 2018
URL:      https://indianexpose.com/you-brought-shame-to-the-catholic-church-christian-hecklers-shout-at-sister-anupama/

Christian laity that heckled and threw out Sister Anupama and other nuns from the funeral service of Father Kuriakose Kuttuthara were upset with the sisters for bringing shame to the Catholic Church.

A mob of Christians present the funeral started to hustle and shout at Sister Anupama and other nuns who came to pay their last respect to Fr Kuriakose who stood with them in their fight for justice against Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

“You have bought disgrace to the Catholic Church, get out,” shouted one of the laity.

Another yelled, “We do not care about Bishop Franco Mulakkal, you brought shame to the entire Church.”

The angry crowd swelled and it even frightened the Sisters who attended the funeral service.

Fr Kuriakose was found dead in his room. A case of unnatural death has been registered by the Punjab police.

The deceased priest feared for his life after the release of the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal. He told his family and other priests close him, that he would be killed for speaking against the Bishop.

While Bishop Franco Mulakkal an accused rapist gets a hero welcome in Kochi and Jalandhar, the innocent nuns get shamed and heckled for standing for the truth while the Catholic Church that professes tolerance watches like a mute spectator.
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