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Ground report: Asif, Saifuddin and 2 others arrested for cow slaughter that started the violence in Bulandshehr

Author: Nirwa Mehta
Publication: Opindia.com
Date: December 5, 2018
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2018/12/ground-report-asif-saifuddin-and-2-others-arrested-for-cow-slaughter-that-started-the-violence-in-bulandshehr/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Following the violence in Bulandshehr, Uttar Pradesh, two separate FIRs were lodged in the case. One of the FIRs was on the charge of cow-slaughter.

The police have now confirmed that 4 youth have been arrested in the case of cow-slaughter. Among those arrested are Asif, Saiffudin, Sajid, and Nanhe. 7 people have been named in the FIR for cow-slaughter. The other 2 identified for cow-slaughter are minors and yet to be apprehended, the police confirmed.

Among those arrested, Nanhe and Asif have chargesheets from 2015 as well. The details were confirmed by Additional SP Pravin Ranjan Singh in Bulandshehr, Uttar Pradesh.

The police have confirmed that two arrests were made based on the FIR filed, and the other 2 arrests were made on the basis of the statements given by the 2 arrested.

Our ground report also confirms that cow carcasses were found. While speaking to the residents of Bulandshehr, our reporter was directed towards the alleged truck using which the cow carcasses were brought into the village. The truck has been parked outside the police station. 20 to 25 cows are believed to have been slaughtered.

The villagers speaking on the condition of anonymity, believe that people from outside the village were slaughtering cows to prepare for the Ijtima festival which saw over 10 lakh Muslims take out a rally in Bulandshehr.

They believe that while they were slaughtering the cows in the jungle, they saw the villagers got scared and ran away. The villagers believe that the people slaughtering the cows were not from the Mahav village where the carcass was found.

It was in protest of this that the villagers reached the police station. They claim that the policemen asked them to speak in batches of 5 so the complaints could be heard properly, but the matter escalated and stone pelting started. It was at this point that the police opened fire. Witnesses claim that when the police opened fire, the minor youth, Sumit was accidentally killed by Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh. It was after Sumit was shot and killed that the inspector was killed. An SIT has been constituted to probe this matter further.

The villagers are scared of what has transpired and the roads have been left abandoned.

In conversation with OpIndia, the villagers have also asserted that there are no “gaurakshaks” in their village. The villagers also dismissed charges that since the rally for the festival was taken out 50 KMS away, the carcasses could not be connected to it. They said food comes from Meerut and Ghaziabad too.

The police also rejected charges of them heaping atrocities on the villagers.
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