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March Month Article

  • Medusa
    • Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)
      On 14 August 1947, a part of the British Indian Army separated from its mother organisation and became the Pakistan Army....…...
  • Resisting The Silent Invasion
    • J. Sai Deepak
      Putting an end to illegal immigration into India is a responsibility that would have to be fulfilled on a war-footing by any new Union government in New Delhi.…....
  • A bold, new India
    • G Parthasarathy
      Time for developing capabilities for counter-strikes is now ripe..…....
  • The Veeru Effect
    • Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)
      In an iconic scene from the Bollywood classic Sholay, a much inebriated, golden-hearted petty criminal Veeru climbs the village water tank..…....
  • Pakistan in meltdown mode
    • Sandhya Jain
      Neither Beijing nor Muslim capitals or the West seem to be on Islamabad's side. Its survival now demands uprooting all terrorist camps and arresting every recruit…....
  • And The Other Guy Blinked
    • Mayuresh Didolkar
      Pakistan has not changed. What has changed is the Indian doctrine which no longer rules out a disproportionate punitive action to its neighbour’s infractions.…...

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