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Sai Deepak J @jsaideepak

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Date: April 13, 2019
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India has every right to assert and protect its civilizational identity which is Indic.Denial of this identity is a strategic move on the part of anti-Indic forces & is meant to pave the way for legalised demographic inversion. It is time to stop pussy-footing around this issue.
 Mehbooba Mufti: J&K had decided to join India keeping in mind its secular culture. I think Amit Shah should apologise to people of this country because the foundation of this country has been laid on secularism. It's not only for Hindu, Sikh or Muslim, the country is for everyone

Mehbooba Mufti on Amit Shah's statement 'We'll ensure implementation of NRC in country. We'll remove every single infiltrator from country,except Buddha,Hindus&Sikhs': Language being used by Amit Shah & his men for votes in this election, isn't right. India is a secular country.
8:54 PM - Apr 12, 2019

2. India is Bharat. Bharat is India. Bharat's identity is Indic. Those who have assimilated into this identity have become part of this land and its culture. Those who hate it and consider it inferior have resorted to conversions through the sword and acculturation.

3. Bharat has a right to make an acceptance of Indic civilizational ethos a condition precedent for grant of refuge/asylum/citizenship, regardless of the faith of the individual or the group seeking refuge/asylum/citizenship.

4. Bharat's commitment to secularism owes its origins to its Indic identity, which is also premised on the assumption that anyone who lives here or wants to enter this land will not contribute to the dilution or destruction of its Indic identity.

5. Unlike the European conception of a nation state,Bharat is a civilisational state.This does not in any manner dilute Bharat's right to protect its innate identity.Demographic balance in every electoral unit at every level is d key to preserving the plural worldview of Bharat.

6. The battle surrounding the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016,d NRC & the deportation of illegal migrants is perhaps d most important battle of our times for d soul of the Indic civilization. It is bound to get shrill, ugly and will test the clarity and will of the Indic society.

7.Altering the Indic identity & its commitment to pluralism by illegally bringing in anti-Indic groups in vast numbers,has been part of a well thought-out design. Would strongly recommend reading Operation Lebensraum:Illegal Migration from Bangladesh by Hiranya Bhattacharya.

8.Until d Kashmir Valley learns from d commitment of Jammu & Ladakh 2 Bharat's civilizational ethos, & re-settles every Kashmiri Indic who was driven out of d Valley & rebuilds every Indic place of worship & hands it back 2 Indics,it has no right 2 pontificate 2 d rest of Bharat.

9. Every Indic must realise that the election of 2019 is much more important in the history of this land than 2014. Please do not let any other petty and short-term consideration affect your vote except the realisation that this is all about the survival of Bharat as Bharat.

10. Please vote & vote right.And continue to apply pressure on d dispensation which comes to power to deliver on its promise to protect Bharat's civilizational identity and interests on every front.This is your opportunity to change d destiny of Bharat. Exercise it responsibly.
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