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'If economy will anyway double, what Congress did in last 60 year?', Sitharaman roars over Chidambaram's compounding buzz

Publication: Newsbharati.com
Date: July 12, 2019
URL:    https://www.newsbharati.com/Encyc/2019/7/12/Nirmala-Sitharaman-replies-to-P-Cidambaram-over-Union-Budget-.html

Roaring aloud and responding to the unworthy allegations put up by the Congress party over the Union Budget presented on July 5, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the upper house today staunchly said that every estimate projection that had been noted in the Budget was realistic.
"When we say we have a vision for India, it's not without a plan. And the plan is to increase investment coming into the country”, she said explaining the NDA-led government’s roadmap to New India.

This is after the Congress leader P Chidambaram criticised the Budget for 2019-20, saying that it lacked bold programme to revive the economy. “The rate of the economy will continue to double every 5 to 6 years as long as the growth rate is 11% or 12%. India will be $20 trillion in 2030. It's simple arithmetic and that is the magic of compounding”, he said.
Barbing straight at the compounding comment by Chidambaram, she asked if just compounding happened, then why did the government even need to exist. “If the economy will anyway double, what the Congress did in the last 60 year?”, she pondered.
Sitharaman further said that there had been more than 16 several structural reforms like Start Up India, FDI policy changes, rural and urban infrastructure, development of social stock exchange and recapitalisation of public banks.

Favouring the MSP policy and the zero budget stand noted in the Union Budget, she said that the Indian farmer now felt no need to stand in a queue to buy a bag of fertilizer. “With the adoption of the new MSP policy, all commodities which have been notified have seen a big jump”, she added. Signing off over the national inflation mark, she said that between 2014-19 and even today, inflation had been kept in control by the government.
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