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Another ISIS terrorist from Kerala killed in Afghanistan

Author: Vicky Nanjappa
Publication: One India.com
Date: August 8, 2019
URL:      https://www.oneindia.com/india/another-isis-terrorist-from-kerala-killed-in-afghanistan-2931124.html

The second in 15 days. Another Kerala operative, who had joined the Islamic State has been killed in Afghanistan.

This is the second incident being reported from Afghanistan in less than a fortnight in which a Kerala operative has been killed.

The killed ISIS terrorist has been identified as Saifuddin, a resident of Mallapuram. National Investigation Agency officials who are probing the Kerala ISIS case say that Saifuddin had shown an inclination towards Jihad since 2014. He was a student, but decided not to complete his studies and joined the ISIS instead.

It may be recalled that last month, engineering undergraduate from Kerala, who had joined the Islamic State was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan.

The recruit, Mohammad Muhsin, 22, a resident of Edappal in Mallapuram district was killed in a drone strike more than 10 days back. An official confirmed the development to OneIndia and said that his family had received a message that he was martyred in God's path as per his wish.

In October 2017, his family had registered a missing complaint. It may be recalled that Muhsin had quit studying and left for Bengaluru after being influenced by the terror outfit.

From Bengaluru, he left for Dubai and from there he went missing. The police said that after undergoing arms training, he had left for Afghanistan.

It may be recalled that in June this year, the head of the Kerala ISIS module had been killed in Afghanistan.

Rashid Abdullah, the leader of the module is said to have died after random bombing by the US forces.The news relating to his death was made known after an unknown ISIS operative had sent out a message out on Telegram.

Abdullah it may be recalled had led 21 people from Kerala to Afghanistan in 2016. He had also taken along with him his wife Ayesha. They had travelled first to UAE and then to Tehran before reaching Afghanistan.

The Kerala ISIS module is being probed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). It was found that the group that travelled to Afghanistan had joined the ISIS. Agency sources tell OneIndia that the intent was to train there and then return to India and carry out attacks.
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