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American Indic author says missionaries yelled at her when she questioned them about forced religious conversions in Coimbatore

Author: OpIndia Staff
Publication: Opindia.com
Date: September 12, 2019
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2019/09/renee-lynn-voice-for-india-coimbatore-conversion-christian-missionaries/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Renee Lynn, an American Indic author, who holds great respect for India and its culture took to Facebook on Wednesday to share her experience regarding the rampant religious conversions by Chrisitan missionaries in Tamil Nadu.

In a video, Lynn said that she visited Tamil Nadu and was overwhelmed to see the rampant conversion that is happening in the state. Lynn, who visits Tamil Nadu twice a year, added that the conversion activities by Christian missionaries are rapidly increasing in the state.
Posted by Renee Lynn - Voice for India

Must Watch. I've been in Tamil Nadu for some days and I confronted a Christian Missionary group in a super market and they verbally attacked me and said they will call police on me ..!!!

In a video posted on Facebook, she said that she herself experienced a bit of evangelism in a super-market in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu during her recent visit. Noticing a group of 6-7 people belonging to Christian missionaries, Lynn said that she approached them in a supermarket to confront the group as she realised that they were on a mission to convert people.

The group of people, who belonged to a Christian missionary in Canada, said to Lynn that they were on their mission to spread the good news about Jesus Christ.

According to Lynn, she confronted the Chrisitan missionaries and asked them to provide clothes, food, education instead of indulging in bribery to convert Hindus and other poor people to Christianity.

“If you want to help somebody, you can help them clothe them, feed them, educate them, you don’t have to convert them. It just sounds like you are doing bribery. If they want to be Hindus, why not let them remain Hindus? Why convert them with bribery? Just let them be. You don’t have to sit there and force them to be Christian,” she said. To that, the lady missionary lady said how Jesus is the only way. As Lynn questioned the intentions of these Christian missionaries, the members of the group got allegedly offended and began to yell at her and threatened her that they would call the police.

A concerned Renee Lynn has now approached the social media to share her experience regarding the religious conversion that is quietly taking place in interior parts of the country, especially in South India.

Renee Lynn, who runs a project named ‘Voice For India’, has time and again stood up for the cause of India and fights against the inherent media bias and their propaganda against India. Renee Lynn, an Indophile, is based in Jerseyville, New Jersey has written a book named ‘India Stripped: Voice for India’. According to Lynn, she loves to write about India, Hindu Religion, Krishna, and Cows. She says India is her ‘pride, passion, and pleasure’.
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