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BHU protests: Students seek ‘Bheeksha’ to raise awareness for their cause, RSS reverses stand, Mahants come out in support

Author: Opindia Staff
Publication: Opindia.com
Date:  November 29, 2019
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/bhu-protests-svdv-faculty-muslim-professor-appointment-hindu-traditions-mahamana-dharma/amp/?p=221706&__twitter_impression=true

In Ayodhya, under the chairmanship of Swami Raghavacharya, the Mahants of many temples and teachers of about 30 Sanskrit schools also supported the students' movement.

Opposition to the appointment of Dr Firoz Khan by the students of Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Faculty of Kashi Hindu University continues. On the one hand under this movement, students are protesting by boycotting classes and the regular academic activities have been affected due to the university administration not arriving at any conclusion over the issue.

On Thursday, the students of Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyan Faculty carried out a  campaign to seek help and aid from the public at the Lanka Singh Gate to fight the legal battle and protect the rules established by Mahamana to run the SVDV faculty.

OpIndia spoke to the protesting students of the Faculty, and Shashikant Mishra said that as the University has failed to reach any solution, students are now seeking ‘Bheeksha’ and informing the general public about this whole episode so that the average person can also understand the movement being run for the protection of our religion and join themselves.

At the same time, the atmosphere of the BHU campus has once again started heating up due to the continuous protest by students. Because now only 2 days are left out of the 10 days demanded by the administration.

A torch procession was taken out by the students on Wednesday to demand action by the BHU administration. Students of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences and alumni of SVDV also reached the procession to support the students of the SVDV Faculty. The torch procession went to the Ravidas Gate, chanting from the Singh gate and coming again from there to the gateway and ended after the meeting.
#BHU प्रशासन द्वारा माँगे गए 10 दिन के समय मे से आंदोलन के आज सातवें दिन #SVDV के छात्रों द्वारा मशाल जुलूस निकाला गया। जुलूस में संस्कृत विद्या धर्म विज्ञान संकाय के छात्रों का समर्थन करने के लिए कला संकाय व सामाजिक विज्ञान संकाय के भी छात्र भारी संख्या में पहुँचे। #ferozekhan pic.twitter.com/cgvv8KYcJH

— Ravi Agrahari (@Ravibhu09) November 27, 2019

In the meeting, Dr Arvind Shukla, an alumnus of BHU, said, “Mahamana’s values and his dreams will never be allowed to disappear.” He also said that the respect BHU students have for Mahamana can be gauged from the fact that almost every student studying here, wherever he or she is, always keeps the statue of Mahamana in office or home.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Munish Mishra cautioned the administration, “If the administration does not listen to the students and does not fulfil its promise, then to protect Dharma, Kashi Vidya Parishad, Shankaracharyas, former professors, Acharyas, Alumni of Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyan faculty living in every corner of the country are also ready to join the huge movement.”
सभा में #BHU के पूर्व छात्र व डॉ. अरविंद शुक्ल ने कहा कि महामना के मूल्यों व उनके सपनों को कभी मिटने नहीं दिया जाएगा। डॉ. मुनीश मिश्र ने प्रशासन को चेताते हुए कहा, “अगर प्रशासन #SVDV के नियमों को नहीं मानता है तो धर्म की रक्षा हेतु एक विशाल आंदोलन के लिए पूर्व छात्र भी तैयार हैं। pic.twitter.com/mm0fLqsAXH

— Ravi Agrahari (@Ravibhu09) November 27, 2019

Abhishek Singh of the history department of the Faculty of Arts said, “In our history, culture and civilization are authenticated on the basis of inscriptions. Those who call the inscription of Mahamana fake, get it checked, it will be known by itself how old it is. Not respecting him is an insult to the Mahamana and the entire Faculty of Arts is ready to stand by him if needed. ”

Along with the support of students and scholars of various departments, all the saints and saints of Ayodhya have also come in support. The students have also been joined by the Kashi Vidyat Parishad, Shankaracharyas and former professors Acharyas along with many Sanatani practitioners of Kashi.

Under the leadership of Acharya Ramayatan Shukla, President of Kashi Vidyat Parishad and former Professor of SVDV, many scholars met RSS leader Bhaiyyaji Joshi and apprised him of the whole matter. He said, “Vice-Chancellor (VC) Rakesh Bhatnagar did not take into account the Malaviya values and the rules of the Faculty of Religion, which has caused the atmosphere of the university today to deteriorate.”

Recently, a statement had come in support of Firoz Khan from a pracharak of Varanasi Mandal of the Sangh, which was run by the media as a statement of the Sangh because the media did not tell him about the whole matter and only questioned him on the basis of the propaganda they were running. Opposing the statement, the students had requested the authorities of the Sangh to take cognizance of the whole matter.

Today in Ayodhya, under the chairmanship of Swami Raghavacharya, the Mahants of many temples and teachers of about 30 Sanskrit schools also supported the students’ movement and said, “If the administration does not take the necessary decisions within the stipulated time, the saints and Mahants will stand with the students in the next protests. ”

Recently, many people of the Sant Samaj also gave a statement in the same context when the media asked questions about the Sanskrit language due to lack of knowledge about the matter. When the students went to meet them this morning, Swami Raghavacharya said that coincidentally, he was introduced with an important incident regarding the history and tradition of the SVDV.

Listening to a memoir, he said, “It was known from the Peethadhishwar Swami Anantacharya of Totadri Math that the second Peetadhishwar Swami Ram Prapanacharya of the Totadri Math was a student of the Faculty of SVDV. There was a debate in Mithila, Mahamanaji was decisive, the decision could not be made in that assembly, then Prapanacharya Ji said that Kashi is the proof in itself, the statement of Kashi’s person is the decision and proof. With which Mahamana himself agreed.”

Student leader Shashikant Mishra stated that “Swamiji took all the information about the movement from Chakrapani Ojha, Krishna, Dr Munish Mishra, who met him today and became emotional. When he came to know that the students are seeking ‘Bheeksha’ for the campaign, he had gladly come forward and contributed. His pain was spilling over from his eyes while giving Bheeksha.” He added that the Swamiji stated to the students that Sanatan Dharma has undergone numerous tests and trials and has emerged victorious each time.
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