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Harassment of OpIndia and its Editors: A note from the CEO, Rahul Roushan

Author: Rahul Roushan
Publication: Opindia.com
Date:  May 19, 2020
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2020/05/opindia-ajeet-bharti-nupur-sharma-fir-rahul-roushan-statement/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

In the last few days, you would have noticed that we were the target of a coordinated attack from the usual suspects as well as from some unusual corners.

Attacks don’t bother us, in fact, if they don’t attack us, it seems like we are not doing something right. So first of all, thanks to the haters, keep attacking us. Whenever you’ve done that to people, they’ve grown bigger.

But when all is said and done, thanks a lot – this time in all seriousness and a heartfelt one – to you, our readers, our supporters, our people. To those who spoke up in support of OpIndia and the Editors Nupur Sharma and Ajeet Bharti. Not only did you speak up, so, so many of you actually put your money where your mouth is by extending monetary support.

After things settled a bit, I told both the editors that this was the only pressure they have to be under – the faith shown by people in them. Because it was an unprecedented level of support we had witnessed since the launch of the website. We are truly overwhelmed and humbled.No other means of pressure by haters are going to work.

This incident has only made both the editors come out stronger and more energized. And what was their mistake really? Ajeet’s mistake was that he trusted a grieving father’s words, while Nupur’s mistake was, well, that she lives in a particular eastern part of India. By the way, both were separate cases, related to entirely separate incidents with no connection to each other. Just a strange coincidence that it happened at the same time. Deliberate or design? We don’t know.

And as of now, we have been legally advised not to speculate or debate it in public. So that is for the future. I am not saying that they can’t make mistakes, and when our well-wishers like you would point them out, they will make amends. But this time, their only mistake was that they were standing on the wrong side of the ideological divide. But that stand is non-negotiable. That’s what is the soul, the identity of India. That’s not going to change.

So a heartfelt thanks once again for the support shown to the team. We won’t be anywhere without you. Stay there, and we’ll say here. Firmly. Forever.

Rahul Roushan,
Something at OpIndia.


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