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Stop Spreading Hate against Hindu Community

Author: Jaint Kumar
Publication: IBC English
Date:  October 09, 2019
URL:      http://ibcenglish.net/index.php/2019/10/09/stop-spreading-hate-against-hindu-community/

I am a pre-medical intermediate student. Today has gone through the English prose book of STB for intermediate, PAKISTAN AND THE MODERN WORLD which you all must have witnessed. This textbook is an example of hate-spewing against Hindus like comparing Muslims and Hindus, showing the worst image of Hindus at the time of partition, Hindus killed people, and Hindus did wrong to us like stuff. My concern is, what it has to do with the Hindu community living in Pakistan? Congress or RSS of that time has a role in history has nothing to do with the general exposure of any community.

Just like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. Do these two names mean the whole Muslim community? No. I was scared as being only a Hindu in my class, everyone was looking at me to make me feel guilty when I raised my concern about the content and context of the text-book the teacher and students were discussing on. The teacher was misguiding and exaggerating the events to fill the brains with hate against the Hindu community. Filling the brains with such hate could only bring distance between me and my friends, they all stopped talking with me after the very that event in class. And let me tell you, this is very common on this side of Pakistan. If you visit the rural Sindh and even Punjab, you will witness this type of discrimination even at high extent and it is alarming.

What I think about Literature that it plays a primary role in building up the nations. It can destroy the nations too, even more, worse than an atomic bomb when you disturb the right sequence and want the happenings based on personal likes and dislikes. What I and the students all over the country are studying is going to divide and eventually destroy this society I’m afraid. What mindset has been nurturing in this country is like a time bomb, will blast on its time, but we are sleeping.

Recently an incident in Ghotki occurred and it frightened the Hindu community of Pakistan more badly is not without the timeline. I’m scared of the situation which is going to be at its worse, and the way the things have been mentioned, Pakistan will reach the point from where the come back will hardly be possible. These incidents do not happen all of the sudden, what we are been taught in the schools and colleges of Sindh is doing nothing but helping in giving birth to more Mian Mithoos in the country, which is alarming.

Responsible societies work on the agendas of humanity, love, and cooperation to bridge the gaps of different communities live together. We have to change the way things work in our side of the world. When we target the enemy, we use its religion to target and betray it. That’s not the right thing to do. I also criticize India, will I hate Hinduism because India’s policies are doing worse to the region? It doesn’t make any sense. What the youth has to do, is to have sense and don’t be blind over the situational rhetorics, believe on things which actually have base. The need for an hour also demands the necessary changes in the content of our textbooks. What I have mentioned is only a single example, believe me, there are dozens of examples I can give, the books are filled with hate against the Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan.

We need to revise and Change our “Dada Jee kay Zamanay ka Curriculum”. It will help us avoid hating each other and to grow the sense of development on a humanitarian basis.

* Editorial Note: This article is having all the views belong to the blogger. We respect all religions and believe in global peace. Any writing about global peace, hate against any of the religion or belief, or identity would be appreciated and will be given the space on IBC English.

* Writer is a growing Hindu activist from Karachi, Pakistan.


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