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जब मैं सेक्युलर था - Insight Into The Mind of A Leftist

Author: Gaurav Chaubey
Publication: Myind.net
Date:  June 26, 2020
URL:      https://myind.net/Home/viewArticle/-insight-into-the-mind-of-a-leftist

Growing up is about teaching oneself not blaming oneself, so I write this not to blame myself but to teach others the nuances of a brain fostered by Nehruvian-Communist: education and media system. As an ultra-secular Leftist who found his way back to sense, I wish to reflect back not on what made me a Leftist but rather how I thought and perceived the world back then.

Firstly, it was all about denouncing your own religion, culture, ethos, nation and traditions. I did believe that this way, when I denounce my history and others too similarly denounce their history, we could all go towards a tomorrow as equals for no one would be carrying with themselves the baggage of their past privileges and/or encumbrances. A world truly united as one; a world without borders; a world without conflict and strife; a world where all are Global Citizens! Noble indeed, but the truth of the matter was, all I saw myself do was loathe myself, my religion, my culture, my traditions, my very ancestors; nit-picking and misquoting (without any research) each and every little piece of my history to show how oppressive, stupid and evil my ancestors were.

Why did I end up doing this?

Because while I was working towards being a Global Citizen there were others of my own group who were proud of the achievements of their ancestors, respectful to their culture, faithful to their eternal belief (Sanatan Dharma) and most importantly patriotic towards their nation. How could the dream of Global Citizenship be realized when fools were patriotic towards their nation? All this filled me with hatred and made me a vile Useful Idiot mindlessly echoing the words of my Leftist overlords without ever even understanding what I was advocating and professing for.

Secondly, it was all about appeasing the minorities, not working for their upliftment as it should have been. Not working towards making them progress and proliferate, but constantly, shamelessly and endlessly appeasing them and justifying all of their religious, social and cultural ills. Not only that, I found myself employing perverse logic to somehow blame everyone except the minorities for all the problems created by the minorities, often saying something like - “It is because you people marginalized minorities, and didn’t respect their religion and way of life, that they are getting misguided.” Therefore, advocating the idea of turning a blind eye to the wrongs of minorities. Moreover, I developed an unapologetic hypocritical standard in whitewashing or belittling the problems created by minorities, while grossly embellishing and exaggerating - without even verifying - supposed problems created by those in majority.

Why did I end up doing this?

Problem with self-loathing is that you can’t loathe yourself without venerating/favouring someone else. You can’t think of yourself and your group as “oppressors” without identifying someone else and their group as “oppressed.” And the minorities with their ever-present victim card fit the bill perfectly. They kept waging war against us and when questioned for it, played their victim card only to be supported by brain-dead Useful Idiots like me. “Why are you questioning them? Don’t you realize you are marginalizing them even more and instigating them to be more aggressive?” - was often what I saw myself questioning, never realizing that shutting my eyes will not make the wolf disappear; but of course I was more busy silencing others who were shouting wolf. Simply said - Leftist Useful Idiot is one who follows “ignorance is bliss,” all the while believing himself to be the most informed and intelligent.

Thirdly, the more I hated my own culture and language, the more liking I developed for foreign culture and language. By virtue of being raised in a North-Indian family I was very proficient in Hindi, and also had studied and excelled in Sanskrit (not on my own accord, I detested that forever, but my parents forced it on me - something for which I will be forever thankful to my parents), however, the language I found to be most enticing and alluring was “Urdu.” Perhaps it was the constant dose of Urdu I got in Bollywood movies and songs. I know not the reason but I do know the effect.

Fourthly, (and most importantly) I had no scientific bent of mind. I accepted things on their face-value - so long as it suited my prejudices and biases - never bothering to investigate into the truth and veracity of the things claimed. Media and prominent people (Intellectuals, Academicians, Film stars, Sportsmen etc.) told me that minorities and naxals resort to violence because we are not tolerant and accepting of them. I never wanted to look beyond the obvious propaganda and misinformation, simply parroting ideas, notions and beliefs without even understanding them. Believing the degrees, accolades and awards of the intellectuals, I blindly believed in what the intellectuals claimed, and in my zest to sound as intelligent and learned as them, I talked the way they talked. Like a hollow drum each time the popular opinion struck me, I shouted it out even louder. After all the cost of intelligence was too small - all I had to do was be dedicated to the ideology of intellectuals and I too could believe now that my fart smelt better than those of uneducated backward cow-worshipping Bharatiyas. Yes, Ram was a mythological character for me, for he came in my way of being an intellectual and Global Citizen.

By grace of Shri Ram, I met and debated with certain truly learned individuals, eventually realizing the folly of my ways and thinking. I developed the scientific bent of mind whereby I investigated the facts myself to realize the glory of my ancestors and their way of life. Also, I realized the sinister plot of these Urban Naxalites a.k.a. “prominent people” and “intellectuals,” to break Bharat into thousand tiny pieces; and utilizing their intellectual, moral and “rudali” support are the Jihadis who are effectively furthering their agenda of converting Bharat into “Dar-ul-Islam.” To be clear, by “rudali” I mean to not belittle a vocation but speak of those professional candlelight vigilantes who also appear on social media sites crying for “misguided youth” who just happened to be complicit in planned murder and terror activities.

Fake Intellectuals, Pseudo-Seculars, Processional Intellectual Masturbators, Useful Idiots, Azadi Gang, Tukde Tukde Gang, prominent Historians (who believe in Aryan invasion theory etc.), Bollywood Intellectuals (who on paper may be perhaps 12th pass but are NOT smarter than a 5th grader) etc., are nothing but Leftists. I AM NO LONGER A LEFTIST. A Leftist in his/her core essence is a hypocrite. All Leftists who will read it will get offended. Truth often offends the hypocrites.


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