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A Hindu Asks!

 write about Islamic Jihadism/terrorism in Kashmir when it started in the 1990s?

* How did many parts of the North East become entirely Christian in a short time period when there was a sizable Hindu population there?

* Why do most politicians and institutions in India toe the line of the minorities only? Do Hindu lives and their issues not matter?

* Why do many Bollywood and other famous personalities only cry foul when a Muslim or Christian is allegedly wronged and stay silent when a Hindu is allegedly wronged?

* Why do most of my Christian and Muslim friends venomously hate the current Prime Minister and Home Minister of India for every word they speak and every deed they do? Surely, everybody is human and has strengths and improvement areas.

* Why do most Indian Christians and Muslims feel so distant from their land of origin, India? Why don’t they want to be part of the Indian ethos and culture?

* Why do most non-Hindus not want to see a strong and resurgent India?

* Till a few years back, many Muslims in India used to burst crackers and celebrate when Pakistan won a cricket or hockey match against India. Why? Is religion bigger than one’s own country?

* Why was slow economic growth, since India’s independence in 1947, called the ‘Hindu rate of growth’? How is growth rate connected to a religion?

* Hindus have been continuously persecuted in India since the 11th Century. Their temples, holy books, women, men, children and their whole culture were being violated initially by the Islamist invaders and then the European (English, Dutch, French, Portuguese) invaders. Why? Was it due to the non-tolerance propagated by the invaders’ respective religions?

* India till the 16th century was the richest country in the world. Why did the Islamic and European invaders loot our nation and deprive the native Hindus of the resources? The Industrial Revolution in England was funded by resources and wealth plundered from India.

* Why is Hindu culture considered antiquated? Why was Sanskrit replaced by English? But the same Sanskrit was heavily studied in Europe, America and the Islamic world to milk its deep treasures.

* Why is Hindu culture only mocked? Islam is known as a religion of peace and Christianity a religion of forgiveness. Have these religions’ actions been consistent with their preachings in the world arena and in India?

* Why are past and current Indian contributions to different spheres of life including science not adequately and fully acknowledged?

* Why is India surrounded by hostile neighbors: Pakistan, China?

* Why is forced or subtle conversion of Hindus called increasing diversity and not exploitation in India?

* Why are so many of our Hindu heroes and stories of Indian independence struggle forgotten or intentionally relegated to the background?

* Why don’t Hindus speak up for themselves when it is obvious the world is skewed against the Hindus in many ways and they need to be corrected?

* Why do Hindus simply feel blindly enamored with the West and abandon their own strengths and culture?

* Why can’t a Hindu assert his voice in society? A Muslim’s voice is heard. A Christian’s voice is heard. Why is a Hindu’s voice subdued?

* Are there deficiencies only in the Hindu society? Are there no deficiencies in the Muslim and Christian societies? For example, is a woman treated very well in all societies?

* Can only non-Hindus wear their religion on their sleeves? Well, Hindus wear their religion, they are branded ‘communal’.

* Black Lives Matter. Hindu Lives Matter. Every Life Matters. Isn’t it fair?

* Why should a Hindu not respect himself or herself and not be proud of his/her Hindutva or Hindu-ness?

The list of questions seems endless. It is time the Hindus become aware of their situation in India and the world. It is time Hindus start asking these questions among themselves. It is time Hindus start speaking up for themselves and their human rights. The enemies are manifold. Unity is strength. Division is failure. All change within and without should be brought about by dialogue and assertions. There is no place for violence. Hindus standing up matters now more than ever.

Awareness is life. Life is about asking questions. Questions may lead to answers, some easy, some uncomfortable. It is known when a Hindu Rises, India Rises and eventually the World Rises. The world knows this and some are unwilling to accept this reality. Probably, that’s where conflict arises.

No one can stop the wheel of Dharma from moving forward. Jai Hind!


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