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Shri Rahul Gandhi,
Member Parliament, Indian National Congress,
New Delhi.


You, being member from a prominent political party hold a very important place and voice in the national political scene in individual as well as a member from Nehru-Gandhi family to have ruled the country for decades. Our democracy allows our politicians to criticise, oppose condemn the government of the day as per their political ideology or needs but very recently, some statements and questions raised by you in media over situation developing in East Ladakh have been found to be undesirable, ill timed, detrimental to own national interests and advantageous to the nation which has shown hostile intent. We, the veterans from BSF and CRPF with most having served the nation for 35-40 yrs. wish to share our concern requesting you to observe due care and responsibility towards national security while discussing or raising issues in open forum which may have potential to render advantage to our adversaries and weaken own position.

Without going into the background of how handing over of Tibet by India brought China close to our borders and occupying Aksai Chin, China was able to develop it infrastructure in the border region, you would be knowing very well as to why China has kept its border issues with India unresolved, staking its claims over our territories in Arunachal and other areas. China has been always objecting to every developmental work in border areas undertaken by India under the pretext of undemarcated border, the LAC. It has always remained hostile towards India since 1962 when spirit of Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai was killed, should not be a secret for Congress MP.

Only if you knew the peculiarities of LAC with vast stretches of those treacherous areas, you would have realised how different it is from LoC and Siachen type of environment that does not allow eyeball to eyeball type of deployment all along. China, as in the past, has found this opportunity to intrude into Indian territory in Ladakh when India is engaged in fighting Corona menace. You are justified in showing your concern over aggressive act by China attacking on Indian sovereignty but an MP of your stature must be extremely conscious and mindful of the impact your statement and gestures are likely to have on the process of resolving the crisis.

Agreed, China made ingress into our territory with objective to exert pressure on India to concede to what Chinese wanted to achieve tactically orstrategically. You were perfectly justified in expressing your concern if no cognisance was taken and process were not initiated to restore status quo ante. Mr Gandhi, you should be aware with the mechanism to resolve the border issues and disputes involves talks at different level of military commanders with singular aim of safeguarding the national interest. Even at the time of growing tension on borders, responsible commanders ensure that peace and tranquility is maintained as any provocation or provocative spread of misinformation may lead to pulling of the trigger only to escalate into localised clashes and skirmishes.

At this time of grave crisis on national security when its armed forces are engaged with the adversary on ground, some of issues raised by you appeared to be loaded with political intent and clearly aimed to weaken the government and also having potential to have effect on the morale of forces to deal with the aggressor. The nation is dealing with China following the established mechanism through talks by military commanders and also having mobilised the troops and equipments, indulgence of MP over social media demanding govt to declare or deny that no Chinese troops were occupying Indian territory will only place government in awkward position. It will only exert pressure on government from within to divert its focus and energy from dealing with the crisis with its full might. Most of security, defence and diplomatic experts and thinkers feel such approach from political leaders will handover a psychological advantage to China and at best, should have been avoided.

It may not be wrong to say that adversary has already been handed over advantage by irresponsible statement making by politicians and self proclaimed defence experts and analysts talking endlessly on panel discussions and debates. The violent clash between two sides on the night intervening 15/16 June 2020 has taken heavy casualties from own side. Once again, it has unfortunately being given a political turn in the garb of asking questions over the loss of men in clash in Galwan Valley. Mr Rahul Gandhi, you should remember that sharing of details of such a development can or should only be made public once, all the details are available, two, have no negative or adverse effect on morale of troops and thirdly, will not accrue an advantage to adversary. The tendency of seeking proof of successful operations is in a way only raising doubts on their capabilities, valour and -- achievements. To ask the details of death of soldiers within hours, with their bodies yet to reach home for their last rights, is in fact likely to deepen the grief of families. It is insensitive and inopportune. They laid their lives defending the country must be respected and not dragged into political posturing asking govt to broadcast publicly. We request you and your party to be sensitive, take an approach to be dealing with government not a party, allow the government to handle the crisis and inform the nation, when it is considered necessary and desirable.

We, the signee to this letter urge upon you to show solidarity with government and armed forces, repose full faith in their capacity and commitment to give befitting reply to our adversaries in getting the areas vacated transgressed by China following the mechanism, which may, if needed include launching military operations. This is clearly no time for showing political differences, there will always be more occasion

Jai Hind

Delhi 19 June 2020.

Yours Sincerely
BN Sharma, IG BSF (Retd),

* Signed on behalf of
Sarva Shri SS Kothiyal, IG BSF (Retd)
BN Chaturvedi, IG BSF (Retd)
Naresh Mehra, IG BSF (Retd)
BN Kabu, IG BSF (Retd)
RP Singh, IG BSF (Retd)
SK Dutta, IG BSF (Retd)
ML Verma, IG BSF (Retd)
Des Raj, DIG BSF (Retd)
ML Batham, Addl DG BSF (Retd)
Anil Kamboj, IG BSF (Retd)
GJ Singh, IG CRPF(Retd)
PC Sharma, IG BSF (Retd)
JP Uniyal, IG BSF (Retd)
RS Panwar, DIG BSF (Retd)
PC Chauhan, DIG BSF (Retd)
KS Rathore, DIG BSF (Retd)
Anil Anand, Comdt BSF (Retd)
GS Wadhwa, Comdt BSF (Retd)
Anil Gautam, Dy Comdt BSF (Retd)
SS Gill, Dy Comdt BSF (Retd)


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