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Khalid Umar Facebook Post

Author: Khalid Umar
Publication: Facebook.com
Date:  June 19, 2020
URL:      https://m.facebook.com/520145030/posts/10160152445015031/?sfnsn=wiwspwa&extid=BzPDPS03E6AqtCic

Muslims of the subcontinent are so exclusively closed minded that instead of putting up an argument, some of them would ask me to change my name, without considering that my name is of Arabic origin and it has nothing to do with faith.

How a name can be Islamic or unislamic? Names are part of language of the area. It can be Nigerian, Sudanese, Sri Lankan, Swahili, Spanish or Arabian. But how a name be Islamic? I wonder if Ali, Osman, Abdullah, Abu Bakar, Zaid, Ayesha, Khadijah were Muslim names or Arab names? No one changed name after joining the new faith!! Muhammad’s father was Abdullah! Is not it?

Every child is named by parents, so was I. If it’s me, I would have named myself over my Dharti’s names. It might be Krishna or Rajesh or Kumar or Bhagwan Daas. That would have shown my relationship with the land me and my ancestors belonged to. Being a Jat, I know my lineage and I am proud of it. Rather these Arabic names are a matter of shame or sadness for me. Khalid or Umar both are not heroes for me.

My name is just an historical error committed in routine by my parents and I carried it on. Today if I have to name anyone down my line, I would definite not adopt names reminding me of my ancestors past of slavery when one of the ancestors switched his religion, due to coercion or fear or ignorance.

I have Hindu friends who have named their sons and daughters as Noor, Aarzoo, Azhaar, Tamannah, Summan, Bano, etc. Their Hindu faith never came in their way as it’s Hindi (Urdu) language. But if needed, Yusuf Khan can be Dilip Kumar and Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi can be Madhu Bala. But no Hindu ever objected. We don’t know Sampuran Singh Kalra but as Gulzar sahib.

Still we say Hindus are narrow minded.


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