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Shefali Vaidya Tweet

Author: Shefali Vaidya
Publication: Thread Reader App
Date:  July 22, 2020
URL:   https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1285847354004738048.html?s=09

#Thread Going to ask @PetaIndia 5 specific questions. I know they follow my TL even though they are pretending I do not exist, after trolling me 24/7 for 2 days. My questions will prove that not only is @PetaIndia #AntiHinduPeta, it is also a fraud organisation #PetaIndiaExposed

Question 1 - @PetaIndia You made a ridiculous connection in your hoardings between #RakshaBandhan and cow leather trade, but why have you NOT mentioned #EidAlAdha anywhere in your hoardings featuring goats? Scared much? #AntiHinduPeta

Image Image

Question 2 - You LIED that @IngridNewkirk WAS your founder and she is NOT the main functionary at @PetaIndia, if that is true, why do your campaigns feature her, and why does she sign your official FCRA returns? #AntiHinduPeta #PetaIndiaExposed




Question 3 - Most Hindu/Jain spiritual leaders are vegetarian and advocate Ahimsa. Why has @PetaIndia NEVER chosen a Hindu Guru or Jain Acharya as your Person Of The Year, when @PetaIndia chose Pope Francis @Pontifex even though he eats meat. #AntiHinduPeta #PetaIndiaExposed


Q 4 - @PetaIndia has filed PILs in India asking for a ban on #kambala, #jallikattu, #templeelephants using the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But why has @PetaIndia NEVER challenged section 28 of the same act under which halaal Eid slaughter is legal? #AntiHinduPeta

And finally, Q 5 - @PetaIndia trolled me for 2 days calling me a snake and saying #SnakeLivesMatter. Yes, they DO. But have you given this gyan to your Person Of The Year @sonamakapoor who proudly flaunts a python leather Prada bag worth 1900 USD?



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