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September Month Article

  • Indu Viswanathan Tweet
    • Indu Viswanathan
      Audrey Truschke cannot answer to the question of scholarly ethics and intellectual honesty. She relies on the authority invested in her by the Academy…...
  • China Wins if Biden Wins
    • Patriots 4 Freedom.com
      China will have a great friend in the White House if Joe Biden wins the presidency.…...
  • Guruji Golwalkar’s Doctrine of True National Glory
    • Niraj Pareek
      Note:This essay is the sixth part in the series of articles based on Guruji's Bunch of Thoughts. Here is the link to fifth part-https://myind.net/Home/viewArticle/guruji-golwalkars-spurring-call-of-our-national-soul…...
  • Time to play the ‘Tibet Card’
    • Ramaharitha Pusarla
      On the intervening night of August 29th/30th, Indian Army successfully thwarted the pre-emptive transgression of PLA troops into the Southern Bank of Pangong.....…..
  • Abhinav Prakash Tweet
    • Abhinav Prakash
      While Nehru is projected as a technology’s man, he wasn’t. He didn’t share Hindu nationalist view of likes of Malaviya of Japan style rapid industrialisation & modernisation.....…..
  • Hindus to meet Mayans in Guatemala
    • Lalit K Jha
      The Mayans of Guatemala - representative of the Maya civilization that flourished during the first millennium AD in Central America....…..
  • Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel
    • Sam Cooper
      In 2004 Nortel cyber-security advisor Brian Shields investigated a serious breach in the telecom giant’s network. At the time Nortel’s fibre optics equipment was the world’s envy...…..

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