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My earnest message to unmarried Hindu women

Author: Sofiya Rangwala
Publication: Facebook.com
Date: October 18, 2020
URL:      https://m.facebook.com/1418821222/posts/10217560606033196/?extid=0&d=n

My earnest message to unmarried Hindu women-

Many ask me why I decided to embrace Sanatan Dharma. I have written elaborately many times before but now I will only say this, that I have simply embraced my true ancestral roots so what new did I really do? My subconscious mind held very powerful memories from past life and so it's no wonder that I could never relate to the Islamic teachings from childhood. Its through Sanatan Dharma that I have learned to be in peace and not to judge what others do.

Now that being said, my sincere advice to all girls of Hindu faith, is that please do not fall for men of other religions. It's extremely difficult to blend in with a family who follows another religion. They will have difficulty to accept your way of worship, specially if you follow Sagun Bhakti. How do you expect someone who has been taught to condemn idol worship, to allow you to keep an idol at your home and worship? Think rationally please. If you are a vegetarian, then how do you expect someone to understand your food choices if they have been taught to slaughter animals and mandate it as well? If you like to dress up in a modern and carefree manner then how do you expect someone who has been taught that a woman should do burqa, understand your choice? Do you know that you are considered as a Kafir, a non believer, who is condemned to hell if you don't follow Islamic teachings?  Don't fall into a trap based on emotions because marriage is a practical relationship and has nothing to do with romance. The reality strikes soon in the first few weeks itself, after the initial euphoria evaporates.

Despite being born and raised in a Muslim background, I have had difficulties in adjusting with my relatives due to my rebellious mind and inability to accept their way of life. I have been scorned at and ridiculed by all of them, but I held my ground always and today, I have disconnected from all of them, except my own family. So, if someone like me, who has been born and raised as a Muslim has such issues, then what about those who have no idea about this religion and its rigid practices, food choices and belief systems. Please make a wise and informed decision and do not fall for false promises. You alone are responsible for your life. Step back and think before you plunge into such a marriage. Yes, there are exceptions but these are extremely rare.

P. S: Please be aware that anyone who tries to post hateful comments will be blocked. This post is not to incite hatred and anger but is a reality check, coming from an insider. No one can deny the fact that both these religions are poles apart in their practices. I respect all for their religious choices, for they alone are responsible for their karma. Please be in peace. Religion is a personal and private matter.


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