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Tina Dabi-Athar Khan Divorce: Is this the idea of India propagated by a staunch left liberal like Barkha Dutt?

Author: Samhati Samvad
Publication: Samhatisamvad.com
Date: November 21, 2020
URL:   https://samhatisamvad.com/2020/11/21/tina-dabi-athar-khan-divorce-is-this-the-idea-of-india-left-liberals-lecture-us-about/

Tina Dabi the 2015 UPSC topper and Athar Khan who was second in the same examination are known to most of the people in the country because of the marriage they had amid opposition in 2018.

Many Hindu organizations had claimed at that time that it was a classic case of Love Jihad where a Muslim (Athar Khan) from Kashmir wooed a Hindu UPSC topper and married her. It is said that both of them came close during their training period and it was Khan who proposed to Tina.

Their marriage could last only two years as both the IAS officers, posted in Rajasthan, have filed for divorce. This has also raised several questions on the left liberals and Islamists who at the time of their marriage had raised a bogey of ‘idea of India’. Barkha Dutt, former television journalist and a known left liberal was one of the first to tweet after their marriage. “Tina & Athar- you give us hope- your individual achievements & your love for each other reminds us of what India is all about” Dutt had tweeted.
barkha dutt @BDUTT

Tina & Athar- you give us hope- your individual achievements & your love for each other reminds us of what India is all about @dabi_tina & @AtharAamirKhan God Bless you both.

Tina Dabi @dabi_tina

I’d like to talk to you about our wedding.
Athar and I got married on 20th Marchby in Jaipur by Collector Shri Siddharth Mahajan.
Then we planned two wedding celebrations. The Kashmir celebration happened recently. The Delhi wedding celebration will be held on 14th April.

Apr 10, 2018

Under the influence of Islamists, Barkha is a known promoter of marriages where a woman is a Hindu and the man is a Muslim. While she has always rubbished cases of Love Jihad where Hindu women are converted by Muslim men, she has never been seen reporting on a Hindu man marrying Muslim woman.

Interestingly Tina Dabi had removed ‘Khan’ from all of her social media handles few months ago. It is said that relations between husband and wife had gone sour due to which differences occurred and they filed for divorce. However Twitter users have criticized the left liberals and questioned, “is this the idea that left liberals lecture us about”.
Swati Goel Sharma @swati_gs

Tina Dabi and Azhar's wedding should not have been used to make commentaries on idea of India in the first place

Nov 20, 2020


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