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Author: Kishore C Iyer
Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date: December 4, 2020
URL:   https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1334863121446363139.html?s=03

Im the quintessential middle-class man of this country!

1. I pay my taxes even when I see influential people avoid it

2. I follow all the rules even when I see influential people break/bend it

3. I pay my EMIs even when I see scamsters and frauds willingly default..

4. I turn-up and vote even when people sell their votes for cash

5. I give up my subsidy cos a leader asks me to give it up even when the majority lives off it

6. I stand in traffic blocks in sweltering heat as VIPs pass me by I'm the all singing all dancing doll of this country

So,hear me out!

1. I buy movie tickets only for entertainment & all you moviestars are nothing without me, so know your place & don't pontificate

2. I pay taxes so that the govt can subsidize a few people and I get good services so without my taxes people who avail subsidies are.. Nothing.. this includes farmers, so know your place and don't pontificate

3. I watch cricket for entertainment so all you asshole cricketers know your place, with your fancy wives, cars and houses, and don't pontificate

4. All you politicians i elect you.. do you job and don't...Pontificate!

5. All you NGOs i don't even care if you exist or don't so don't even think about pontificating

6. I dont give a rats backside about environment etc. I want what someone in a "developed" nation has, so "environmentalists" don't pontificate

7. Frankly I don't give a rats backside about feminists or LGBTQ or liberals or whoever, its only cos you live a good life that you are able to pontificate. When I get to live like you ill listen to you!

8. All you animal activists, i see a stray dog chasing me ill hurl something at it cos I can't afford medical expenses, I do not care if that thing gets hurt, my family needs me so don't pontificate

9. All you army personnel i respect you for your sacrifices but most of you sail in the same boat as me so don't pontificate!

10. All you cops, don't treat me like a criminal every time I come for help!

11. All you Banks (PSUs esp.) You make a living out of my taxes and my EMIs, don't make me run from pillar to post for a loan, if I had the money I wouldn't even spit in your general direction!

12. All you "progressive" "IIM/IIT educated", "foreign PR holding" people, I didn't have the acumen nor the money to study or go abroad and I try to make the best with what I have so don't boast about your first world experiences. Frankly I don't care!

13. All you people who got quotas and made it big, ask your children to give it up and not enjoy it shamelessly, so that a few middle-class people can move ahead in life just like you!
End of the day! All you people can afford to pontificate because I put my head down, follow the rules and fall in line... without me what are you???
Never underestimate the power of the middle-class!

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