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Bharat has a vital role to play in the emerging world order –Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Author: Organiser Bureau
Publication: Organiser
Date: December 14, 2020
URL:    https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2020/12/14/Bharat-has-a-vital-role-to-play-in-the-emerging-world-order-Dr-Mohan-Bhagwat.html?s=03

In a special lecture organised by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on 'India's role in the global scenario', Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat said that India's role in the global scenario is not just about 'Kalpana Ranjan'. It is not only a matter of glorifying the qualities of our past or any future projection. He was delivering special address at a meeting of Vishesh Sampark Vibhag. Now it is a matter of necessity and reality. Arnold Toynbee said that although the start of this century has been European, it will have to be Indian in its end; otherwise, the destruction is irrevocable. The world is waiting for India's role long before we become independent, but this time also has its importance. The first thing is that now we have awakened. Even when we were independent, we did not do this type of thinking. We did not prepare any such vision document of what will be the place of the newly independent India in the life of the world. Nor was there any discussion in its intellectual field because at that time it was believed that what we will do, we are still a developing nation. But today this belief has awakened in us. Every nation has a purpose; Swami Vivekananda said it. He said that the purpose of Rome was to set an example of militarism in front of the whole world, which it did and the purpose of its existence ended, and Rome also ended. This is how nations incarnate. To pursue the life of this creation, the purpose of their life is their purpose, and they succeed and go away. But Vivekananda ji used to say - India's aim is always necessary for the world, from time to time, India is uplifted to give ground to the world and time has come; now India has to wake up.

India has to become a contributor in the world based on its idols, its ideas, as they are global idols. Taking this whole imagination, our life has stood up, and each country has its scope of identity and diversity. We will not try to make everyone sit in one system.

The purpose of the Sangh was to live based on their values. Seeing that, the people there will form their own National Volunteer Association. But today it has come into reality. Seeing the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, the people of Kenya have started running their branch because they felt that the way to live a good life is to learn from this system. The Sangh did not say that you should set up a branch; the Sangh is for Indians.

India's role is vital in the coming world because of the new powers emerging in the world. The power that gives them confidence, courage, assures them is the only the power India has in the entire world. If India comes forward and leads then, it will be our welfare. Therefore, we should wear the ShivTav that makes this belief meaningful and gives the world a new standard definition.
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