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Kerala govt owned Ayurveda company making profit by selling Cow dung, Cow Urine products while communists continue ridiculing Cows

Publication: Organiser.org
Date: June 7, 2021
URL:    https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2021/6/7/Even-while-Communists-ridicule-Cows-Kerala-govt-owned-Ayurveda-company-sells-Panchagavya-Ghrutham-.html 

Ever since BJP coming to power in 2014, Communists (in Kerala) had been cracking jokes about cows being worshipped in various parts of India. They were seen ridiculing those esteemed people who were vocal about the health benefits of cow products. But now, something interesting has happened.’ Oushadhi, a Kerala government-owned Ayurveda medicine production company is seen selling ‘Panchagavya Ghrutham’ made of Cow dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd. Oushadhi says that the medicine is effective against Mental diseases, Jaundice, Fever, Epilepsy and Improves Memory power and concentration.

Oushadhi describes itself as the ‘Largest producer of Ayurveda medicines in the public sector in India. One among the few public sector companies, consistently making a profit and paying a dividend to the government of Kerala.

This information is being widely circulated on the internet and the netizens are asking communists, whether they would step back from ridiculing cow while a govt owned company is itself advertising about the effectiveness of Cow products.
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