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The Unheard Story Of Pandit Ramachandra Kak & Fate Of Hindus In Kashmir

Author: Shesha Patangi
Publication: Kreately.in
Date: June 5, 2021
URL:     https://kreately.in/the-unheard-story-of-pandit-ramachandra-kak-fate-of-hindus-in-kashmir/

Why Kashmir and its Hindus are suffering?

#PanditRamchandraKak needed to remind us that Kashmir is a wellspring of our civilization, and it is that understanding that guided the principles for which he stood and defended as prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir. We forget too that Jammu was Jambu, that gave its name to Jambudvipa, that became the name of our entire land. What began as Kasyapa-pur and Jambu, and is today a truncated Jammu and Kashmir, is thus at the very core of our civilisational identity.
https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/www.kreately.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/05191610/125476583-Brihan-Nila-Tantram-Ramchandra-Kak-Harbhatta-Shastri_0002.jpg https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/www.kreately.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/05191615/shrividyarnava-tantra-partii-by-ramchandra-kak-harabhatt-shastri-209x300-1.jpg
He lead his final 36 years of glorious life in solitary, probable reason could be DISENCHANTMENT on Kashmir/Bharat.

#RamachandraKak, another victim of Gandhi’s Stupidity, Sardar’s Blind Loyalty & Nehru’s Vengeance.

On his Jayanti, let us learn little more about the Prime Minister of J&K during 1945 to 1947 who was also an archaeologist and brought out many books including Ancient Monuments Of Kashmir in 1933.

https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/www.kreately.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/05192051/776d53d8-53cc-4237-988f-a6f1250f4710-2.jpg https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/www.kreately.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/05191637/bg2-659x1024.png 

Ramachandra Kak, being a Kashmiri Pandit knew well how SUFI’s had destroyed the Kashmiri Culture & Tradition.

But, yet, he decided and also asked Maharaja Hari Singh not to sign the accession treaty & asked him to wait for few years, and than decide.

Why he wanted to do this?   

The answer is Gandhi, Nehru & their Yes Men. He didn’t believe them, he believed Sardar Vallabhai Patel, but Patel was so blind by Gandhi’s Love, he disowned Kak.

The declaration by Sheikh Abdullah endorsing the Direct Action declared by Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1946 and the resultant pogrom of Hindus in Punjab and Bengal had its effect in Kashmir too.

Whoever refused to accept the leadership of Abdullah was terrorised. Stones were thrown and even women weren’t spared by Goons of Sheikh Abdullah.

In 1946, Abdullah started Quit Kashmir Movement and on May 15th, Abdullah was arrested.

Nehru came to Abdullahs Defence & Kak arrested Nehru on June 22nd.

(Nehru never forgot this & damaged Kak’s life)

Kak was ill-disposed to the Indian National Congress because, in his view, it allied itself with Sheikh Abdullah and lent its “great weight of authority” to his agitation against the State government. After Abdullah’s arrest in 1946, Congress leaders are said to have sent telegrams to Kak as well as the Maharaja demanding Abdullah’s release. Kak held that “highly coloured, inaccurate and vituperative statements” were published by Congress, resolutions were passed against the Maharaja’s government and commissions of enquiry appointed. Both Kak and the Maharaja decided against acceding to the India in 1946, even before partition had been decided.
Kak, tried to meet Sardar Patel as he was the Interim Home Minister & Kak believed Sardar will understand the reality, but Sardar Patel as Loyal follower of Gandhi wanted Sheikh Abdullas release before meeting, Kak rejected this suggestion.

The entire Kashmir with Bharat meant Direct Access to Afghanistan, Iran and Middle East, British didn’t want to give Bharat this fortune & these chamchas both Nehru, Gandhi played to their tunes of supporting Sheikh Abdullah.

When Partition became imminent, Mountbatten visited Kashmir & pressurised Raja Hari Singh to go with Pakistan.

Accession to Pakistan did not appeal to the Maharaja. Kak’s position was that “since Kashmir would not accede to Pakistan it could not accede to India” (emphasis in the original). He advised the Maharaja that Kashmir should remain independent for at least a year, and when Jinnah said he will give better offer for Kashmir, Kak rejected it as he was aware what Jihadis would do.

Few weeks after this, on 11 August 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh dismissed Kak as PM and later was House Arrested for fraudulent activities.
In fact removal of moderate Kak was effected immediately after two weeks of departure of Gandhi & three days before birth of new State of Pakistan. NC workers had celebrated on the day of removal of Ramchandra Kak . They had carried a coffin ( taboot) of Kak through the streets of Srinagar. All this was done under a pre-planning by them. Post-dismissal from the post of premiership, Kak wanted to publish his book titled Freedom Struggle in Kashmir which was not published by any publisher in India . His wife who was English lady named Margaret went to England with manuscripts of the book but the book could not be published till date . Had it been published it would have become rich source of information about that time’s developments of Kashmir.

(All these are noted in record by Former Jan Sangh founding member Balraj Madhok and in British Records)

After the tribal invasion in October, Sheikh Adbdullah was appointed as the Head of Emergency Administration in Srinagar, while the Maharaja had moved to Jammu. Kak’s detention was continued and he was moved to the Badami Bagh.

When Kak’s family raised the issue, Nehru said & I quote “”This house arrest was continued by the State Government after Sheikh Abdullah’s release and till recently when he was taken away from his house and put under closer confinement in a part of the Cantonment buildings in Srinagar. He is kept there now and I understand that he is living in comfort.”

Gandhi & Nehru planned in such a way that the release of Sheikh Abdullah & arrest of Ramachandra Kak should coincide with Independence/Partition as you view it.

Months later, under pressure from Sardar Patel, Kak was released and externed from the state in late 1948. Afterwards, Kak retired from public life.

Ramachandra Kak passed away on 10th February in 1983, 36 years after the humiliation.

There is no record of what Ramachandra Kak did or where he lived later on.


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