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Islamofascists inch towards total narrative control as they get NDTV to delete a harmless image showing a Muslim man getting tested for COVID

Author: Nirwa Mehta
Publication: OpIndia.com
Date: August 8, 2021
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2021/08/islamist-fascism-ndtv-muslim-man-representational-image-tweet-deleted-sharjeel-usmani/

For a community that cries itself hoarse over 'lack of representation', it seems the representational image did not go down too well.

Islamists on Saturday bullied NDTV into deleting a tweet which had representational image of a Muslim man getting tested for coronavirus.
Sharjeel Usmani @SharjeelUsmani

Who in NDTV decided to use this picture with the report? Employees may reveal the name if they wish to. DM is always open. twitter.com/ndtvfeed/statu…

 Aug 6, 2021

For a community that cries itself hoarse over ‘lack of representation’, it seems the representational image did not go down too well.

NDTV even changed the featured image on its website for the said story.

Here is the original story:
Here is the revised, ‘sanitised and secular’ version.

Usmani, who identifies himself as ‘Muslim activist’ has earlier gone to lengths to declare all Hindus who say ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as ‘terrorists’ and indulged in spreading fake news over ‘hate crime’ when none existed. This time, he lowkey managed to threaten an NDTV employee over using image of a Muslim man getting tested for COVID. He asked NDTV employees to ‘reveal’ the name of the person who chose the image. He did not disclose what he would do once he gets to know the name, but considering the threats of beheading often dished out to those who do not conform to their faith or diktats, one can never be too sure.

And one really wonders what triggered the angry response. Don’t Muslims in India and elsewhere not test positive for coronavirus? Do they have some special powers which saves them from the infection? What really was it about this harmless image of a man getting tested for COVID that triggered the likes of Usmani and other Islamists that they even turned on their ally NDTV.

NDTV’s Editorial Director Sonia Singh defended her teammate for using image of an Indian taking the test.
sonia singh @soniandtv

I can only see an Indian taking a corona test in this picture. Stop trying to intimidate our team with your agenda !

Sharjeel Usmani @SharjeelUsmani

Who in NDTV decided to use this picture with the report? Employees may reveal the name if they wish to. DM is always open. https://twitter.com/ndtvfeed/status/1423490269798977540

Aug 7, 2021

However, it was nothing but false bravado.

But if you look closely there is more to this than just bullying NDTV, that has been an ally in setting an anti-Hindu narrative. They would not report Islamist violence against Hindus and dismiss forced religious conversion or incidents of Hindu women being lured to Islam by a man who has deliberately hidden his religious identity. As Rahul Roushan, OpIndia CEO and author in his book ‘Sanghi Who Never Went To A Shakha’ said this is a warped form of “responsible journalism”, but now it’s openly Islamofascism.

NDTV and the cabal has been indulging in what is often referred to as ‘responsible journalism’ where they selectively hide the severity of crime or crime perpetrated by a mob, like riots by people belonging to ‘samuday vishesh’ for the ‘greater good’ like ‘not to encourage so-called Islamophobia’. Of course, they would never shy away if the perpetrators are Hindus because they are also painting a narrative that Hindus in Hindu-majority India can never be victims of hate. Even though there is ample evidence to show otherwise.

Which is why when Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was identified, targeted, killed and had his body mutilated by Taliban only because he was an Indian, the ‘liberals’ sent ‘hazaar laanat‘ to the bullet that killed him and accused the ‘Hindu right wing’ of killing him when it was the Taliban terrorists that did it. Taliban, that actually killed Danish for being an Indian was not the bigger enemy “because they ‘apologised'” for killing and mutilating his body. The Islamofascists only want media to report what they allow. And if anyone dares to not follow the commandments, like Rohit Sardana refused to, he will be issued death threats and his death openly celebrated.

We seem to be moving towards a dystopian state where Hindus will be imagined as lynching Muslims in every street while not even a picture that can even indirectly show Muslims in something unhealthy will be allowed. Only way Muslim identity of a person can be openly revealed in a story or be part of it is if he is a ‘good Muslim’. Anything that shows a Muslim person in negative light or as a criminal, is termed as an attack on his religious identity. Otherwise, a creative euphemism like ‘samuday vishesh’ is used to leave readers wondering what even is this ‘special community’ that is killing cows, forcing women to convert their religion, desecrating temples and being very casual about beheading threats.

If this is not fascism, Hitler was just a German farmer.

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