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Author: Jonathan West
Publication: Threader.app
Date: September 10, 2021
URL:   https://threader.app/thread/1436121294047793161?s=03

I’m born to this life in a Christian Western Civilization. Being a seeker by nature I departed Christianity to explore a path to human spirituality far more ancient than the Abrahamic religions that populate & seek control over our world. On that path I discovered universal truthSettled with that truth,

I later found the same beautifully expounded upon in the Bhagavad Gita and the ancient way of life that is Sanatan Dharma. In the joy to see the truth I had come to understand expounded in detail within Sanatan Dharma, I became Hindu, I had come home.

To all Indians, embrace your true ancestral identity. You’re born & walk on some of the most ancient sacred lands of humanity. You of all surviving cultures gracing this beautiful planet we call Earth hold the key to awaking the human race if you could but only realize it.

You’ve been subjected to centuries of genocides, abuse & propaganda against your culture, against your “religion”, against your way of life. Propaganda pushed forth by Abrahamic religions. Know what should be self evident to all seekers, to all who have realized the truth of SelfSanatan Dharma represents undeniable truth, a truth that Abrahamic religions cannot tolerate for it challenges and threatens their very “human” goal of religious domination over humanity & our world.

Sanatan Dharma represents the most complete, most ancient, most universal and most divine understanding of what it means to be human. If human beings could put aside their cultural biases, their racism, their religious bigotry, they would all recognize this resounding truth.

So to all Indians, to all Hindus, I thank you. I thank you, your ancestors, and your gurus for their immense struggle and sacrifice to preserve this ancient knowledge and way of life. You have my eternal gratitude.

Today & always, I am proudly Hindu. I reject all forms of religious bigotry and hate. I embrace my Hinduness as surely as I embrace the air, the water and the food that sustains my body, therefore I am and will always be Hindutva.

To all Hindus. . . Islamic, Christian & communist forces are aligned against you. Stand tall, speak up, do not fall silent in the face of the religious bigotry of Islam & Christianity against your culture & your way of life. Be proudly Hindu, embrace your Hinduness your Hindutva!

Jai Shri KrishnaHar Har MahadevJai Hind!

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