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Publication: Nandinibahri-dhanda.blogspot.com
Date: September 12, 2021
URL:        https://nandinibahri-dhanda.blogspot.com/2021/09/we-have-this-moment-today.html?m =1&s=03#more

One must recognise that this has to be a multi-prong battle. It is too big, too important to rest on the shoulders of a few.

To then lay out the pieces on the board -

The Electoral Aspect.

A political party must fight electorally and do what it has to do, to remain politically relevant. Without that, not much can be achieved. No matter the complaints and disappointments it is under this umbrella alone one stands a chance. For those who tell you it is not so, you only have to think back seven years.

Use The System.

Take on the civilisational aspect using the Constitution, Judiciary and various pillars of the democratic edifice, thus taking the fight to the establishment's door.

The Cultural Aspect.
Use art, books, films, talks, history, to inform, educate and wake up people unaccustomed to rally together and participate.

The Wave.

To beat drums, encourage and castigate in equal measure is an important aspect of any movement. The power of a wave created by the positive sentiment of supporters can only be underestimated at our peril.

Occasionally, supporters of all sides will have issues with each other.

Not doing enough, taking too much credit...

Don’t fall for old traps. Blobs of darkness will stand out and in this march find no place.

Patronage And Funding.

Aggressive sponsors, patrons help amplify the message and narrative. In any Renaissance, the wealthy embrace patronage. Not only to promote their own interests but to be fair, their genuine beliefs in culture, tradition and thought. Our philanthropists must be encouraged to give closer home rather than in far off universities and conferences or inducements to merely shut up local critics.

So bring in the infantry, artillery, cavalry and the support services. This battle needs one and all. Its impact will resound for generations to come.

Of course, one can always choose to stand at the periphery with all bets hedged and in the safest position….

Hmmph! Not Hindu enough!

Hmmph! Where were they prior to 2014?

Hmmph! Only a star on YouTube!

Hmmph! Where’s that 56” chest?

Hmmph! Hmmph and Hmmph!

The worst of this category are those who have built nothing to their own credit but are quick to pull down institutions with a history of uncoloured, even-handed service.

So it must be said here and right now that if you are looking for a tiara or a medal you’ve walked into the wrong room. In this one, we will all win or sink together ! So let’s get that out of the way.

Be warned, as in any long drawn affair spanning decades -
of clashing egos, of being trampled or cast aside, of treacherous knives or those who quietly slink away.

Don’t waste time on them. Move on.

This is an existential battle that we have come late to.
Not only is it to be fought within the country as old prejudices and odds are stacked against us but as we have recently seen, also beyond our borders and seas - with those who thought they had the world all sorted between two faiths, and us neatly labelled but ignored and forgotten.

Our billion strong voice, our awakening, has exposed fangs and bigotry of the supposedly “morally superior” who not too long ago proudly proselytized by sword and now through incentives ostensibly gentler but equally vicious.

Two faiths who competed with each other throughout history in invading, plundering, enslaving the globe, when they were not killing their own, are now threatened by the Eternal Way, Sanatam Dharma or any other name they are scrambling to give it in panic.

About Time.

Show up. Stand up. Be Counted
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