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UK MPs warn Afghan soil could be used for terror training under pressure from Pakistan ‘deep state’

Author: Naomi Canton
Publication: The Times of India
Date: September 4, 2021
URL:       https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/uk/uk-mps-warn-afghan-soil-could-be-used-for-terror-training-under-pressure-from-pakistandeep-state/articleshow/85911332.cms?s=03#click= https://t.co/ksIKntAJMW

A UK parliamentary group made up of cross-party MPs focused on the Indo-Pacific has issued a statement expressing grave concern that the Taliban may allow terrorist training camps to re-mobilise on Afghan soil under pressure from the "deep state of neighbouring Pakistan" and "other militant hardline Islamist groups like LeT and JeM".

The statement by the APPG (all-party parliamentary group) Indo-Pacific warns this could lead to a rise in the recruitment of hardline Islamists in the name of jihad. "India, in particular, is concerned about any impact of the Afghan fallout on the rise in terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir," the statement by British MPs says.

It calls on India, the UK, US, and other like-minded democracies to formulate a collective mid-long-term response to the fallout of the Taliban takeover to prevent a catastrophe and disastrous consequences for peace and security in the Indo-Pacific.

The APPG calls on the international community to not release funding to the Afghan Taliban until there is commitment from the Taliban to honour the principles of democratic governance.

"There should be diplomatic pressure on the Taliban, as they seek some sort of recognition from the world community, to work with other stakeholders to decide the future of the Afghan people," it states.

It also expresses concern that schools and colleges in Afghanistan, where girls were getting a good education, have virtually all closed down and that women are scarcely to be seen on the streets anymore. "The Taliban have officially told women to stay indoors as they believe their fighters are not trained to deal with women," the statement reads. "There is also the resistance in Panjshir, where Ahmed Masood and Amrullah Saleh have clearly not recognised the Taliban. All of this points to a period of uncertainty and darkness for months and years to come," it warns.

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