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Prayagraj: Juna Akhada to launch mega mission across Uttar Pradesh for Yamuna conservation

Author: K Sandeep Kumar
Publication: Hindustan Times
Date: October 13, 2021
URL:      https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/others/prayagraj-juna-akhada-to-launch-mega-mission-across-uttar-pradesh-for-yamuna-conservation-101634067204406.html

Juna Akhada has decided to launch the mega mission with ‘Kalindi Utsav’ under which wide spread riverbank cleaning exercises and awareness events would be organised to clean Yamuna

With the sacred Ganga only hogging the focus of river conservation in the state, seers of Shri Panchdasnaam Juna Akhada—one of the 13 ancient recognised Hindu monastic orders of the country—have now decided to undertake efforts to conserve the Yamuna in Prayagraj as well as other villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh.

For this, the monastic order has decided to organise ‘Kalindi Utsav’ under which wide spread riverbank cleaning exercises and conservation awareness events would be started between Karela Bagh and Bade Hanuman temple in Prayagraj on November 14 and it would be gradually scaled up into a state-level mission, said Mahant Hari Giri, general secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad and chief patron of Juna Akhada.

“Yamuna is also a sacred river in Hinduism. The river is worshipped as a Hindu goddess called Yamuna, also known as Yami in early texts and in later religious literature, she is called Kalindi. In Hindu scriptures, she is daughter of Surya, the sun god, and Sanjna, the cloud goddess,” the senior saint said.

Aimed at attracting the attention of the people as well as the governments towards need of undertaking Yamuna-specific initiatives to conserve the river, demand of constructing public toilets on the river banks would also be raised, said Mahant Hari Giri.

“We want basic amenities to be developed first to conserve Yamuna, followed by the people residing on its bank being sensitised about the need to conserve the river and its importance among millions of Hindus. The next step possibly could be strict measures like levying fines etc on people polluting the river and its banks by dumping waste, garbage and releasing untreated sewage into it,” he said.

The Juna Akhada, the largest of all 13 monastic orders in terms of count of seers as well as having maximum number of Naga ascetics, would also undertake massive tree plantation drives along the banks of Yamuna as part of this mission.

“We will involve locals residing on the riverbank as well as volunteers for looking after the planted trees. Our saints and seers across the state will use their sermons and discourses to spread the message,” he explained

Deepdaan events on Yamuna banks during the sacred Kartik month as per the Hindu calendar, set to start on October 21, and continue till November 19, would also be organised during cleaning of the ghats and the banks as part of this mission.

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