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Date: November 1, 2021
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Some facts on Indian Invasion of Hyderabad

1. It is said that a person from Nizam's delegation to UN warned Patel and told him to complete the conquest before they present their case in UN - which Patel did.

2. VP Menon tapped the phone of India's CIC Roy Bucher and forced him to resign. When Patel announced that the army will cross the border the next day, Bucher called his Pakistani counterpart and asked him to do whatever is possible to stop India from invading Hyderabad

3. Nizam's CIC El Edroos went to Europe to procure weapons for the War. Mountbatten stumbled across him in Dorchester Hotel, London and El Edroos told Mountbatten he came to London for an eye surgery. Mountbatten didn't notify the Indian Government.
4. A deal was made with the King of Egypt that the Nizam will surrender half of whatever wealth he brings with him in return for asylum. The flight was ready to pick him but it left without him as the Nizam's Namaz got delayed.

5. Jinnah died on Sep 11 and Nehru was busy drafting a letter to the Nizam asking him to postpone hostilities in wake of the changed state of affairs when someone burst open into the room saying Indian army crossed the border.

6. Pakistani Radio was giving false news updates to the government and news suddenly came of Hyderabadi surrender when people were celebrating Hyderabadi Army's victorious march on Goa. Army had to be deployed to control the rioting and protect the Indian Embassy.

In fact, similar reports were presented to the Military Control Centre in Hyderabad by the field commanders who fled their posts to Hyderabad,

7. KM Munshi hinted and Laik Ali doubted if El Edroos ordered Hyderabadi Army not to fight. While Laik Ali doubted El Edroos because of the poor performance of the army, Munshi was hinted by El Edroos's wife.

8. 17 September 1948 was a Friday. Qasim Razvi decided to flare up a communal riot all over Hyderabad in retaliation for Indian advance and force India into a surrender after Jumma Prayers. When Razvi accidentally came across Muhammad Haider, the Collector of Osmanabad,

Razvi told him not to venture out of his house that noon. Over that, his father in law Deen Yar Jung called Razvi to back off from his madness and declared that the one hour phone call he had to convince Razvi was the toughest call he had in all his life.
9. Winston Churchill tried to create a ruckus in British Parliament over Hyderabad Invasion but was shooted down by the government.

10. An exclave of Hyderabad, Paritala rebelled against the Nizam in November 1947 and declared accession to India. In light of the situation with Hyderabad, India didn't accept accession but didn't allow Hyderabad access to the areas. Till 26 Jan 1950, it was de jure independent.

Anything you know which is not commonly known?
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