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11. So many of the intellectuals have gone through missionary schools, and there does not seem to be any attempt to convert them.

      It is not correct to say that no attempts were made at conversions. It has always been the practice of the Christian missionaries all over the world to try and convert the elite in the society first. This too was attempted in India - but it failed.
    The intellectuals go to missionary schools located in urban areas, where an overt attempt to convert will create a controversy. So, the missionaries have to show a 'sophisticated' face in the cities. The reason why the Christian attempt failed is the resilience of Hinduism. In the early 1800, some missionaries thought that Raja Ram Mohan Roy was 'ripe' for conversions, because he gave an impression that he found nothing wrong with Christ. A priest was allotted the task of bringing him to the Christian fold. Not only did the priest fail in his task, but, under the influence of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the priest became a Hindu.

See also (Q. 36)

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