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18. Since the Christian population is only 2.6% of the total , how does Christianity become a threat to India?

      One has to look not only at the overall percentage of Christian population, but how it is dispersed. The concentration of Christians is in a few pockets like the states of Kerala and Goa, and four of the seven north-eastern states. In Kerala and Goa, the churches have utilised the numbers to interfere in politics all the time. A prime opponent of the alignment of the Konkan Railway was the Catholic church in Goa. This caused delays as well increased the cost of the project.
    In the north-east, the involvement of the churches in the secessionist movements has been well documented. During the reign of Jawaharlal Nehru some foreign missionaries had been asked to leave the country because they supported these anti-national movements.
    Another area which is targeted is the tribal belts all over the country. These conversions have created a lot of social problem since the converts are asked to deny their past and not participate in the ancient social rites of the area. The Niyogi Committee stated that it was due to the influence of these missionaries that a demand for an independent Jharkhand nation was made.

(See also Q. 19)

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