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19. The share of the Christian population in the country has come down by 0.3% over the last ten years. Does this not prove that there is no conversion?

      The main reason for the fall is the steep decline in the growth of the Christian population in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharashtra, which constitute 65% of the Christian population of the country. Due to improved literacy and economic prosperity, the size of the families has come down drastically.
    What this fall in the share of the Christian hides is the large increase that has taken place in the Northeast. In Manipur, the share has gone up from 12% in 1951 to 30% in 1991. In Meghalaya, the share has gone up from 23% to 63%. In Nagaland, the share has gone up from 46% to 90%. In Mizoram, the share in 1991 is 90%. (The 1951 figures is not available.)


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