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2. What is the essence of Christianity?

      Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the ONLY son of god. He is supposed to have been sent to earth to wash away the sins of the people, and so redeem them. Of course, this happens only to those who accept him as the ONLY son of god. All the others do not get the benefit, and so will be consigned to that place where one is eternally barbecued.
     Christianity says that it has a unique path to salvation, and all the other paths are false. While there is supposed to be some modification in these views, the acceptance is that all the other paths may at most be second best. Therefore, it is better if people accept Christianity and not take a chance.
     Christians believe that they have been commanded by Christ to go and convert the people of this world. This is also supposed to give them special merit when it comes to the day of final judgement.
     Christianity is an hierarchical religion, and the commands of the clergy are supposed to be final. It is also this clergy that is supposed to be a link between man and god through Christ. So, if a person has sinned, and wants god to forgive him/her, he/she has to go to a priest, to ask him to speak to god on his/her behalf.
     While there are many Christians who today do not believe in this exclusivity, the statements of the clergy leave no doubt that the clergy believes in exclusivity, and the concept of saving souls.

(See also Q. 10)

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