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23. Please comment on the rape of nuns at Jhabua.

      Rape of any woman is a dastardly act, and can never be justified under any circumstances and has been severely condemned by all. What is reprehensible in this case is that on the very day that it happened, the Sangh parviar has been blamed for the act. This has been without any justification and without any evidence. Subsequently, the Madhya Pradesh police stated that out of the 24 culprits, 12 were converted Christians, and the others had no connection with the Sangh parivar. Even then, this incident is listed as an event which is one of the causes for the Christians in particular (and minorities in general) to be concerned about the Sangh parivar.
      This incident has been internationalised as well, even when there was no basis for it. One has to wonder about the motives of those who have done this, along with its politicisation.

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