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24. What are your views on the burning of the foreign missionary in Orissa, along with his two young sons?

      All violence has to be condemned. Like rape, killing of children is also a heinous crime, going against the Hindu tradition. The perpetrators of the crime have to be identified and the maximum penalty should be imposed on them. On this issue, there can be no second opinion.
      However, one has to inquire if the activities of the missionaries have caused any social disturbance. It has been reported that due to the missionary activities, there has been a social divide between the converts and those who have retained their ancient traditions. For example, the local tradition says that it is inauspicious to plough land on the day of Makar-sankrant. But, the converts used to do the ploughing, apparently under the instruction of the missionaries.
As in other events, the Sangh organisations have been charged of the crime right from the beginning, and without any basis.

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