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25. Is there any concerted plan to attack missionaries?

      There is no programme of any Hindu organisations to attack missionaries, either singly or on a concerted basis. It is not part of the Hindu cultural values to indulge in violence. At the same time, Hindus have to protect themselves, at the physical and civilisation levels. If the Christian missionaries are creating harm to them, then the Hindus have every right to defend themselves. All legal methods will be first employed. If the missionaries persist in their efforts of creating tensions, then some sort of reaction will always take place. Most of the physical reactions has taken place in the tribal areas, where the Hindus are probably more sensitive, and the missionaries more aggressive. It does not take place in the urban areas, where access to legal remedies is more easy.
     Ultimately, the prime cause of the violence is the action of conversions. One Christian writer said, "Whatever may be the merits of proselytism, there are demerits also. Foremost, is that it keeps the Hindus irritated, annoyed, angered and responding violently from time to time, because simple arithmetic tells them that more Christians means less Hindus, which is absolutely true. Christians, under the same circumstances, everywhere, have also felt likewise - irritated, annoyed, angered and have responded violently."


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