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26. Has the issue of the attacks on Christians been politicised? If so, why?

      That there have been attacks on Christians is not denied. What has to be inquired if these attacks have been for communal reasons or for secular reasons. In case of the former, there is a further need to inquire if there was a provocation or not. Analysing the cases, one will find very few which have been of an unprovoked communal type. Thus, making an accusation that the Hindus are attacking the Christians deliberately, is a clear sign that there is an attempt to politicise the issue. The media, particularly the English variety, has been a willing tool in this game. When Hindus in Kashmir were under a genuine threat, with hundreds being killed, and three lakh having to become refugees in their own country, the same media has been a silent spectator, or treated the events as not being significant.
     The Christian organisations, both clergy and laity, have blown the incidents way out of proportion. Even when it has been well established that there were no Hindu organisations behind some of the most publicised attacks, these events are still listed as attacks on Christianity. One event of the past that is listed under this list is the killing of two nuns in Mumbai in 1989. It had been established then that this was a secular crime, and yet it is still listed as an attack on Christians.
     The Christian organisations have no hesitation of taking the help of Islamic fundamentalists, like the Naib Imam of the Jama Masjid of Delhi, to take the protest to the streets. The intriguing part is that the so-called secular media finds nothing wrong in this collaboration.     
    The reason for doing this can only be speculated. The Defence Minister, George Fernandes of Samta Party, has alleged there is a conspiracy to defame the BJP-led coalition in the centre. There could also be a programme to defame Hindus.

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